Tanker foreclosure movement "severely affected" Iran is fighting the rice August 19 21:07

An Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman said that the United States's self-governing government in British Gibraltar was seized last month, and then took steps to seize the Iranian tanker that was released. ”And urged the American movement.

Last month, an Iranian tanker, captured by the British Gibraltar Autonomous Government, was granted liberation and left the port of Gibraltar.

The US took steps to seize the tanker for being involved in illegal transportation of goods to Syria by the Iranian Revolutionary Defense Corps.

In this regard, Iran's foreign ministry spokesman Musabi spoke at a regular press conference on the 19th, saying that “the demand for seizure on the US side is illegal. The seizure will have a very serious impact,” said the United States. The movement of

After that, through the Swiss embassy, ​​the US profit representative, the US side was warned that no mistakes would occur.

On the other hand, as for whether the Iranian side will release a British-registered tanker that was captured last month, the Musavi spokesman said that “it is necessary to wait for a judicial decision”, and the prospect of release is not clear.