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At a retreat: the court will consider the request of Kokorin and Mamaev for parole on September 6


Alekseyevsky District Court of the Belgorod Region will consider the request of football players Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamaev for parole on September 6. The meeting will take place on the territory of the penal colony, where the forward of “Zenith”, his younger brother Kirill Kokorin and the midfielder of “Krasnodar” are serving their sentences. The request for early release was also filed by the fourth person involved in the case, Alexander Protasovitsky.

On September 6, the court will once again decide the fate of the Zenit striker Alexander Kokorin, his younger brother Kirill Kokorin, as well as the Krasnodar midfielder Pavel Mamaev. According to the press service of the department, on this day they will consider their requests for parole (parole).

“The Alekseyevsky District Court of the Belgorod Region has appointed consideration of the lawyer's requests in the interests of convicts Kokorin Kirill, Alexander Kokorin, Pavel Mamaev on September 6 from 09:00 Moscow time in a retreat on the territory of PKU IK-4 of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia for the Belgorod Region,” he quotes representative of the TASS court.

The players filed a petition for parole in early August, after a month of stay in correctional colony No. 4. Many experts expressed confidence that the outcome of the new trial will end in favor of the convicts, as they differ in exemplary behavior and active participation in the life of the correctional institution, as its employees have repeatedly stated.

Meanwhile, colleagues Kokorin and Mamaev continue to discuss their fate, as well as the justice of punishment. Public opinion still tends to favor being too strict, although athletes behaved inappropriately. So, ex-midfielder of the Russian national team and Lokomotiv Dmitry Tarasov said that imprisonment could be replaced with community service or a large monetary fine.

“Now you can’t rewind everything. For the future this will be a good example, but the punishment itself is a bust, an indicative whipping. Yes, they spoil their career, but the guys continue to play. Sasha after the operation, the prison breaks life, children grow up without fathers. It is clear that they did not do anything good. But they have already done it. Punish in another way, give work, let them clean the street, build a temple, a stadium, bring benefits. Now that they are sitting there is no use. They would build an orphanage, a nursing home, ”Tarasov said in an interview with the Championship.

In addition, he suggested that the final decision of the court was affected by the reputation of the striker and midfielder.

“The situation that happened in Monaco with the same guys was influenced. Maybe if there were other surnames, everything turned out differently. We are all men, I grew up in Golyanovo, fought on the street, there are different situations, but everything is decided. Now it has become hard to live. Came out somewhere - you are filmed on camera, you go in - they are filmed, you drink coffee - they are filmed. Why do people climb into my personal life? ”Complained Tarasov.

A similar position was expressed by the forward of the Belgorod “Salute” Andrei Kolesnikov. It was with this team that the IK-4 team met on August 10, as part of which Kokorin and Mamaev took to the field.

“It's time to let the guys go. They have already been severely punished. Let the fans please the good game again. As everyone in the colony was pleased - they fought in the yard in full force, tried. I saw a photo of Kokorin in jail, and compared to that time, Sasha came to life. They were in the cell without playing sports, now - for an hour and a half a day. He was in a great mood both in the match and at the tea party. I asked about my brother - everything is fine too. Kirill is only 20 years old, but no whining, ”- quotes Kolesnikov Sport24.

He added that the players want to leave the prison as soon as possible, meet with their families and return to their usual way of life.

“There is no reason to keep them until late autumn or winter. And they behave well, and the offense is only one. Sasha and Pasha expect to go on parole. They very much believe that they will be released soon, ”concluded Kolesnikov.

The spouse of the Krasnodar midfielder Alan Mamaev on her Instagram page conducted a live broadcast in which she answered questions from subscribers. Some of them concerned the future footballer. However, she explained that the situation would only become clear when he left the prison.

“Is it true that Pasha will play for Rostov? Let him come back, and there we will think, ”Mamaeva said.

The meeting of the Russian Football Union (RFU) regarding the termination of the contract between the player and Krasnodar will take place no earlier than November.

October 8 last year, the brothers Kokorins, Mamaev, as well as children's coach Alexander Protanovitsky, took part in two brawls in the center of Moscow, as a result of which TV driver Olga Ushakova, Vitaly Solovchuk, head of the Department of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Denis Pak, and NAMI CEO Sergei Gaisin were injured. On May 8, the Presnensky court of the capital sentenced the Kokorins to a year and six months in a general colony, and Mamaev and Protasovitsky to a year and five months in prison.

In accordance with the registration, the players, as well as Kokorin Jr., were sent to a correctional institution in the Belgorod region, while Protasovitsky is serving his sentence in the Bryansk region. According to his lawyer Tatyana Prilipko, he also filed a request for early release, but the date of its consideration is still unknown.

According to the law, the days spent by a convicted person in a pre-trial detention center are equal to one and a half days in prison, and therefore, if the applications are rejected, Mamaev and Protasovitsky will be released in early November, and the Kokorins brothers - in early December.

Source: russiart

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