Women's Golf Final Round Anai 3rd win Shibuno is 3rd Karuizawa August 18 17:13

The final round of the women's golf tournament was held in Karuizawa-machi, Nagano Prefecture, where Poetry Anai won the playoff and won the tournament for the third time in total.

The 31-year-old Anai started the final round on the 18th from 8th place with a lead and 3 strokes, and took 7 consecutive birdies from 12th, increasing 7 scores without bogey, and 7 underscores. And lined up with Korea ’s Lee Min-young.

In the first playoff hole, Lee took off the papat, but Anai sunk the parpat and won the championship.

Anai said, “I was happy because I didn't think it would end in this position when I started. I was very nervous because it was my first playoff.”

Shibuno, who won a major overseas championship for the first time in 42 years in Japan at the British Women's Open this month, started with 2nd place, the top spot and 1 stroke difference, and took 5 birdies to reach the 18th place. It was.

However, if he decided, he removed the winning birdie pat, and the following patpat was not decided, and there was no bogey and no playoffs.

Shibuno is 13 under, and third place with 23-year-old Yuu Hamada who was first from the first day and missed the third victory in the domestic tour, but the continuous overpar in the domestic tour was extended to 24 rounds and a record remains It was in second place since 1990.

The first place is 28 rounds recorded in 2013 by Korean player Ann Sung-ju.