Rugby representative from Japan goes to Abashiri camp, Hokkaido, 18 August, 17:29


Next month, the representatives of the Japanese national team that had a training camp in Hokkaido arrived in front of the opening Rugby World Cup and were welcomed by many fans at the airport.

Rugby Japan National Team arrived at Memanbetsu Airport in Ozora-cho on the afternoon of the 18th before the training camp that started in Abashiri, Hokkaido on the 19th.

The training camp was attended by 41 people, including Reach Michael, a captain from Sapporo High School, and about 300 fans greeted the players in the arrival lobby of the airport.

In the arrival lobby, a banner with a message of support from local elementary and junior high school students was displayed. Players boarded the bus in a welcome atmosphere and headed for Abashiri, a training camp.

A man in his 30s who rushed from Abashiri said, “I want to cheer you up in the World Cup because I think it ’s really exciting when Japan plays an active part.”

An elementary school girl said, “The players were big and cool. I want to see where they can win the World Cup”.

The training camp in Abashiri will continue until the 28th of this month, and will be the final competition for players aiming to become members of the World Cup.

The 31 Japanese national team members who will be in the World Cup will be announced on the 29th of this month, and the tournament will start on the 20th of next month.