Dynamo must crawl out of this moral abyss ”

Former coach of Dynamo Moscow, Sergei Silkin, considers the game with Lokomotiv within the framework of the 6th round of the RPL to be crucial for the coaching staff of blue and white. In an interview with RT, the specialist noted the problem points in the formation of the new team and explained why he did not consider his former team a favorite of the capital's derby.

- Can we say that Dynamo is now one of the most unpredictable RPL teams, in connection with which it is very difficult to make predictions for the upcoming meeting?

- Yes, the situation is such that it is not clear what to expect from this team. This is due to the fact that active shuffling of the composition continues. I think, even for the upcoming game, the starting lineup was determined at the last moment. It is also surprising that new players are introduced with such a creak. In my opinion, they need to be used more actively.

- Based on this, who can be called the favorite of the meeting?

- Of course, Lokomotiv. But Dynamo will try very hard to win. The point is not even the status of the meeting, but the fact that the team’s situation is not very good. There are too many conversations and rumors around the club. A positive result in a meeting with such an eminent rival would reduce the degree of tension. If not forever, then at least temporarily.

- Is it worth the Dynamo leadership to think about breaking the contract with Dmitry Khokhlov if the blue and white again fail?

- Coaches are fired when there is no result. After this game there will be a short break, there will be time for some kind of decision. Probably yes, this is a key game for the current coaching staff.

Dynamo wants to get into European competition, but first you need to crawl out of this moral abyss. Players do not burn eyes, success in a meeting with such an opponent as Loko can inspire hope in them. But to do this is not easy.

- How much will Dynamo lack Anton Shunin in the start? Will young Igor Leshchuk cope with the pressure, for whom the meeting with Lokomotiv will be only the second official match in the RPL?

- On the contrary, it should not confuse him. The guy must understand that his career is at stake. Will be able to cope with excitement - will be an RPL player. In addition, white and blue have no other options. By the way, the presence of Shunin in the squad is not a guarantee of victory for Dynamo at all. Despite the experience and years spent in the RPL, Anton makes mistakes. So somewhere Leshchuk can play even better than his experienced friend.

- It is already known that the newcomer of blue-white Maximilian Philip will be included in the application for the match. What are the chances that Khokhlov will release him in the starting lineup?

- You know, I am outraged by the talk that someone was bought, but he is not ready and damp ... How is this possible? The player is acquired for reinforcement, which means that he is a priori better than those who were in the squad before his purchase! The sooner he starts playing, the better for everyone. Now the situation is such that you need to go all-in, solve a problem and give a result. And in Dynamo they scored players, but for some reason they keep them in reserve.

“Wenger at Loko?” I think no one believes in it. "

In turn, the former coach of Lokomotiv Boris Ignatiev, in a conversation with RT, expressed confidence that, with the right attitude towards the opponent, the vice-champions of the country will achieve victory. In addition, the specialist explained why he was dissatisfied with the game of Fyodor Smolov, and told why he did not believe in the rumors about the possible dismissal of Yuri Semin.

- Who is the favorite of the meeting between Dynamo and Lokomotiv?

- I will give preference to red-green. Dynamo is in a creative search, and the railway workers have perfectly worked out the general line, team actions and tactical schemes. In addition, unlike an opponent, Loko also has leaders, on whose game a lot depends. I am talking about the Miranchuk brothers. If on Sunday they catch courage, Dynamo is unlikely to be able to oppose something to the guests.

- Lokomotiv was preparing for the match against Dynamo under the scrutiny of the media. In particular, information appeared about the possible replacement of Semin by Wenger.

“I think no one believes that.” Why? Yes, because there is no reason to shoot Yuri Pavlovich. What happens if you dismiss Semin? Fans will lose their leader, the team will be left without their face, and the club will lose the potential and foundation that Semin created.

“Do you not believe in the coming of Wenger or in the dismissal of Semin as a whole?”

- And what is it in Wenger? I am not against him, but we have already seen eminent specialists in our land. What happened to them, we also remember. No one in Russia knows football better than Semin.

This is not only a statement of tactics, but also subtle questions of mentality. Yes, everything is possible in our life. But we still have one such coach. He not only gives the result, behind it is all the good that is now in the “Locomotive”.

- Is it worth waiting for the appearance of Luke Dzhordevich on the field, or Fyodor Smolov in his current form has no competitors?

- Fedor just does not show all that is expected of him. While he is strong only in episodes, and for a player of his level, you need to be stable throughout the match. So the arrival of a new striker is an incentive for the development of Smolov. I think his pride is hurt. He is not a stupid guy, he understands that there is a competition that needs to be included not only the day before the starting lineup is determined, but also throughout the training process.

- And Djordjevic can oust Lokomotiv from the current leaders?

- Of course. Otherwise, why buy it? In the Tula Arsenal, he proved his worth, I think, will help Lokomotiv. Not only solve local problems, but also work for the future. She is a good railroad. At the moment, I do not see other teams that can impose a Zenit fight and fight for the championship following the results of the championship.