No fewer than five games are scheduled in the Eredivisie on Sunday. Fortuna Sittard and Willem II kick off at 12.15, after which it is the turn of FC Twente and RKC Waalwijk at 14.30. Two duels are scheduled at 4.45 pm: Feyenoord-FC Utrecht and AZ-FC Groningen. PSV will close the game round at 8 pm while visiting Heracles Almelo. Follow everything in our live blog.

Good afternoon, I am Sam Dictus and today I will keep you informed about the matches in the Eredivisie via this live blog.

  • LIVE:
  • Fortuna-Willem II 1-3
  • Program:
  • 2.30 pm: FC Twente-RKC
  • 4.45 pm: Feyenoord-Utrecht
  • 4.45 pm: AZ-Groningen
  • 8 pm: Heracles PSV

Fortuna-Willem II · 2 minutes ago

51 'GOAL Fortuna Sittard! 2-3

That is where the Limburg hope for a good result ignites. Left back Mica Pinto steams up and passes the ball. Vitalie Damascan is good for his husband at the first post and hits his second goal of the afternoon hard and high.

Fortuna-Willem II · 3 minutes ago

49 'Goal scorer Damascan receives the first yellow card of the match. The Moldovan enters the head duel a little too enthusiastically and skips his opponent upside down.

Fortuna-Willem II · 4 minutes ago

48 'The intentions of Fortuna Sittard are immediately clear. Smeets fires from a deflected corner kick straight into the hands of Wellenreuther.

Fortuna-Willem II · 6 ​​minutes ago

46 'The second half in Sittard has started. Fortuna and Willem II no longer suffer from the falling rain, but here and there are places that look more like a swamp than a soccer field.

Fortuna-Willem II · 9 minutes ago

Willem II has an easy scoring striker in the lead after Fran Sol and Alexander Isak. Vangelis Pavlidis, with his two hits in the first half against Fortuna Sittard, has already reached four competition goals this season, making him the top scorer of the Premier League for the time being.

Fortuna-Willem II · 17 minutes ago

It is peace at Fortuna-Willem II and it has stopped raining. Yet there are still large puddles of water on the field here and there, which makes for nice pictures!

Fortuna-Willem II · 21 minutes ago

We go to rest in Sittard and Vangelis Pavlidis thanks the supporters from Tilburg.

Fortuna-Willem II · 25 minutes ago

45 '- GOAL WILLEM II! 1-3

Pavlidis hits the ball from a corner and scores a second goal just before half time.

Fortuna-Willem II · 29 minutes ago

42 '- After the collision with his goalkeeper, Heerkens needs some care but can continue.

Fortuna-Willem II · 31 minutes ago

38 '- A nice goal from Fortuna ends in a corner after which Wellenreuther punches the ball away and hits three other players.

Fortuna-Willem II · 41 minutes ago

29 '- GOAL WILLEM II! 1-2

Pavlidis keeps a cool head and hits the spot on behalf of the Tilburgers.

Fortuna-Willem II · 42 minutes ago

28 '- Penalty Willem II. Pavlidis is hit and decorates a penalty kick.

Fortuna-Willem II · one hour ago

23 '- GOAL WILLEM II! 1-1

Lewis gives a perfect pass and Vrousai nods in the 1-1.

Fortuna-Willem II · one hour ago

22 '- Another chance for Fortuna. Diemers tries to find Damashkan again, but the cross ends up in the hands of Wellenreuther.

Fortuna-Willem II · one hour ago

17 '- GOAL FORTUNA! 1-0

After a corner for Willem II, Fortuna can counter and Damashkan draws for the 1-0.

Fortuna-Willem II · one hour ago

'12 - Today the oldest and the youngest coach of the Eredivisie are facing each other. Adrie Koster is the oldest trainer with 64 years and Sjors Ultee (32) the youngest. Two years after the birth of Ultee, Koster already made his debut as head coach in the Eredivisie.

Fortuna-Willem II · one hour ago

'5 - While the sky clears somewhat, Fortuna gets a big chance. A cross from Diemers on Karjalainen ends in the side net.

Fortuna-Willem II · one hour ago

'1 - The ball rolls in a rainy Sittard!

Fortuna-Willem II · one hour ago

A few more minutes until the kick-off. The players enter the field where the last puddles are still being swept away.

Fortuna-Willem II · one hour ago

We will kick off in fifteen minutes, but first the rain will be wiped off the field.

💦 Gooooood plan! #forWIL

Avatar AuthorWillem IIMoment of places11: 56 - August 18, 2019

Fortuna-Willem II · 2 hours ago

The rain comes pouring from the sky in Sittard. Another half an hour to kick off.

How wet it is 🌊 #NamenNaoVeure #FORWIL

Avatar Author Fortuna Sittard Moment of Places 11: 43 - August 18, 2019

Fortuna-Willem II · 2 hours ago

The base elf of Fortuna Sittard are also known. We'll start in about an hour!

Starting XI: 🔙 Amadou Ciss #SamenNaoVeure #FORWIL

Avatar Author Fortuna Sittard Moment of places 11: 14 - 18 August 2019

Fortuna-Willem II · 3 hours ago

The basic eleven of Willem II for the match against Fortuna. The first whistle in Sittard sounds at 12.15 pm.

🙌 Full squad! #forWIL # Setup

Avatar AuthorWillem IIMoment of places10: 47 - August 18, 2019

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