Therese Johaug has created a lot of headlines through her athleticism during the preseason. When Johaug finished 10,000 meters in the Norwegian Championships completely, she crushed the resistance and came in at 32.20.87, a time that would have led to a medal battle in the recent European Championships.

And Johaug himself has flirted with the idea of ​​competing at the European Championships

"It would have been fun to try out at the European Championships in athletics, I have to admit that," Johaug previously told NRK.

"Difficult to combine with skis"

But a possible European Championship bet makes Norwegian skiing team manager Ole Morten Iversen worried. In an interview with NRK, Iversen says he does not want to deny Johaug a bet on athletics but that the consequences of an EM bet worry him:

- I want Therese in the skiing team, obviously. Participating in a couple of 10,000-meter races is completely unproblematic. But if the goal is to win the European Championships, I think it requires so much that it can be difficult to combine with skis.

Ole Morten Iversen has no doubt about Johaug's 10,000 meter skills:

- What happened at NM was not surprising to us who know Therese. She has a crazy good motor that few in the world can match. Although it is a long road to those who run fastest at 10 00 meters, I am quite sure that she could become one of the world's best if she had invested in it.


Therese Johaug. Photo: Photo Agency