Emil Svensk and Gustav Bergman both launched Wednesday's long-distance brilliant, but a big mistake each destroyed the Swedes' medal chances.

Today things went better.

26-year-old Svensk, who competes for Borlängeklubben Stora Tuna OK, went out early in today's middle distance final in the Norwegian forests outside Östfold and took a clear lead. In goal he was 1.41 ahead of Swiss Florian Howard.

- I've had a great time today. I'm almost impressed with myself how tactical I ran. It's piggy. I was pretty angry after the long haul, but this was nice. I hope that this can be enough, that I put up with something, Emil Svensk said immediately after the finish to SVT Sport.

Swedish without medal

Then the cannons began to line up. World Cup leader Gustav Bergman had a positive trend out in the woods and chased Swedes and with time to go out in the track he passed the compatriot at the second TV control. But there the Norwegian Olav Lundanes was even faster and tricked the management.

It ended up being a Norwegian-Swedish settlement. Magne Dähli came from behind and beat Emil Svensk by one second. And in the end, Swedes became medalless. Gustav Bergman took the lead with 18 seconds in goal and then only Olav Lundanes was out in the woods that could threaten. Lundanes finished magnificently and took his second straight World Cup gold, tenth overall in his career, when he won by eleven seconds margin. Bergman was thus satisfied with the silver.

- It feels good. I did a very good race technically, so I'm happy, ”Bergman tells SVT Sport.