Social media pundits shared a video of a skill break presented by Liverpool star Mohamed Salah, in which many Chelsea players dribbled during the European Super Cup final, which the Reds were crowned with.

The Egyptian star started the ball from half of his team in extra time for the game, to make his way between Chelsea's defenses and skillfully dribbling Kanti and Rose Barclay, and then pass from Jorginho to pass the ball between his feet, and ended the dribbling by repeating with Emerson, before passing the ball.

Salah's elusive video helped Liverpool win the European Super Cup for the fourth time in their history, after winning 5-4 on penalties.

Some of Salah's fans also recalled his historic Chelsea goal in the Premier League with a cannonball, which was voted Liverpool's best goal last season.

It is the pride of the Arabs who remained مفت # Liverpool_Chelsea
Mohamed Salah ❤❤👏

- Ad ham (@ zxrSSJg1NzceRrk) August 14, 2019

محمدع كبير كبير كبير كبير كبير كبير معلم كبير❤ محمد معلم # # # # # # # # # # # # # # #

- Hisham Yasser (@ LDb32RI15VziLRY) August 15, 2019

ده ده يا صلاح صلاح 😂😂

- Liverpool in Arabic (@lfc_belaraby) August 15, 2019

Salah trying to compete with Messi and Ben Arfa for the biggest ball hogger award.

- Niall ㋡ (@niallmoran_) August 15, 2019