Spain's Miriam Casillas finished in thirteenth position the Olympic test played on Thursday in Tokyo, helped by the disqualification of the British Jessica Learmonth and Georgia Taylor Brown , who crossed the finish line first.

By "deliberately forcing the tie", both were suspended their first and second positions since, according to article 2: 11.f of the International Triathlon Union, "they did not make the effort to separate their time of completion" .

That motivated the disqualification of the two best triathletes on the hot day on Thursday. Due to the high temperatures, in fact, the segment on foot was cut to 5 kilometers.

With Jessica Learmonth and Georgia Taylor Brown out of the fight, the podium was taken by Bermudeña Flora Duffy (world champion in 2016 and 2017), Italian Alice Betto and also British Vicky Holland .

The Brazilian Vittória Lopes was fourth and the American Summer Rappaport finished in fifth place.

The event awarded the Olympic classification to some triathletes. This is the case of Alice Betto (Italy), Summer Rappaport (United States), Laura Lindemann (Germany) or Lisa Perterer (Austria), since their respective federations chose this test to make their first screening for the Tokyo 2020 Games.

Miriam Casillas also had the opportunity to guarantee his presence in the next Games, but he stayed in three positions to ensure his participation. I needed to finish in the top-10.

"I am very happy with my swimming and the bike. I think a 10,000 would have benefited me, but because of the heat conditions in the end we have run 5,000," he said at the end of the test.

Miriam Casillas considered that the circuit "will give a lot of play next year", in the Olympic Games, since "it is very technical by bike" and there will also be "the conditioning factor of heat". "At the same time it is a very fast circuit. I have loved it and I hope to be here next year to compete and make it much better," La Paz said.

Regarding the classification criteria, the Spanish federation explained that it will choose first "the best athlete in the 2019 Olympic test, provided it is a top-10" or "the best athlete in the ranking of the Olympic classification as of December 31, 2019 whenever it is top-15 ".

The second criterion of choice is "the best athlete in the ranking of Olympic qualification as of December 31, 2019 whenever it is top-30".

For its part, "the composition of the mixed relay test of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games may condition the allocation of third place, or more," at the discretion of the Technical Directorate of the Spanish Triathlon Federation.

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