It's time for the 77th edition of the international championship in athletics, Finnkampen. This year they compete at the Stockholm Stadium and prospective World Cup stars such as Armand Duplantis, Daniel Ståhl and Angelica Bengtsson are in place for the Swedish national team. It is also veteran Michel Thornéu's last race.

Despite Sweden being the better team in recent years, Finland leads in the statistics, 45 wins against Sweden's 31 on the men's side. On the women's side, where the competition started in 1964, Sweden leads by 36 against 24.

Shipping hours Saturday, August 24: 16.25-20.00 (in SVT1 and SVT2)
Saturday's competition program, minute by minute:

16.20: Opening ceremony
4.30pm: Spear ladies
16.33: 100m men
16.35pm: Three step men
16.40: 100m ladies
16.45: Elevated ladies
16.50: 10,000m ladies
17.15: Bullet gentlemen
17.35: 110m hurdles men
17.45: Slender men
17.47: 400m ladies
17.55: 5,000m men
18.10: Stick gentlemen
18.18: The power measurement relays
18.35: 3 000m obstacle ladies
18.47: Ladies length
18.50: 400m men
7pm: 4x100m relay boys
19.07: Discus ladies
19.10: 4x100m, relay girls
19.20: 1500m ladies
7.30pm: 4x100m, men's relay
19.40: 4x100m, women's relay
7.50pm: Men's 800m

Shipping hours Sunday, August 25: 13.25 - 17.00 (SVT2)

Sunday's program, minute by minute:

13.20: Veteran relay 4x100m
1.30pm: Three step ladies
13.35: Spear men
13.40: 400m hurdles ladies
13.50: 400m hurdles men
13.55pm: Men's height
14.00: 3000 m obstacle men
2:20 pm: The Hedgehog's Rack Relay
14.25: Bullet ladies
14.30: 5,000 m ladies
14.50: Slägga / Moukari ladies
15.05: 200m men
15.10: Spell ladies
15.15: 200m ladies
15.25: 10,000m gentlemen
15.30: Length / men
16.02: Discus gentlemen
16.05: 100m hurdles ladies
16.15: 4x400m, baton boys and girls
16.25: 4x400m, women's and men's relay
16.35am: 800m ladies
16.45: 1500m men