The consultant for aeronautical questions in Europe 1, Xavier Tytelman, reviews the conclusions of the report of the office of investigation of air accidents.


The drama had moved the whole football world and it remains unexplained. But the investigation into the death of Emiliano Sala takes a turning point with new revelations.

The Argentine footballer and his pilot had died January 21 in the crash of the small plane with which they had to join Nantes in Cardiff. According to the Air Accident Investigation Bureau report, carbon monoxide poisoning could be the cause of the accident.

An explanation quite plausible according to the consultant for aeronautical questions of Europe 1, Xavier Tytelman. "This is an option that is very serious because we are on toxicological evidence, it is the blood of Emiliano Sala that has been analyzed," says the specialist.

"Pilots are trained to recognize the symptoms"

Air accidents, due to carbon monoxide poisoning, are not uncommon. "There have already been accidents for these reasons on leisure aviation," said Xavier Tytelman. "Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas that you can not really detect, so pilots are trained to recognize the symptoms," he adds. "The question that arises in this case is: did the pilot flying know how to identify this situation?"