Amanda Zahui makes her fifth season in the WNBA and her third in the New York Liberty. It has been a tough season for the team and now they are also losing their starting center after Zahui suffered a concussion against Chicago last week.

- I went up to make a return and got in touch with an opponent. Then I fell to the floor. I stayed for a while, then I was exchanged and since then I have been away from basketball, she tells SVT Sport.

Lost six games in a row

For Zahui, everything is about getting back as soon as possible, but the rehab program for concussions is strict in the WNBA.

- I want to play, but it's about being honest with the team doctors, that is, when I feel sick or have a headache. The rehab has gone okay, I've had to lie in the dark in my bedroom without using the cellphone, computer or TV, it's boring, Zahui tells SVT Sport.

Zahui and her New York Liberty have had a tough season in the WNBA and with only ten games left of the season, it is in a hurry to reverse the trend to qualify for the playoffs. They have six straight losses in a row.

- It's really tough for me to miss matches now that the season is to be decided. The team has been tough to make a profit now. There are only ten games left and we still have a chance to reach the playoffs so it's just getting the team together and running into the end, Zahui says.

"Everyone wants to beat New York"

Playing basketball in New York, the "Mecca of basketball," commits and all teams that come to visit look forward to snapping Liberty on their noses.

- We play in the world's best league and everyone really wants to beat New York. Everyone is looking for our heads but we want to reach the playoffs and we take one match at a time to do so, says Zahui.

The Swede is hopeful that she will be back on the field soon.

- The rehab is moving forward and I take steps on the action steps every day. We're on a three-match road trip now and hopefully I'll be back on Sunday when we meet Phoenix, concludes Amanda Zahui.