• Chronicle: Adrian San Miguel gives Liverpool its second European Super Cup

Liverpool coach Jürgen Klopp acknowledged that they needed to "give it their all" to win the European Super Cup on Wednesday, where the hero was the Spanish goal Adrián San Miguel , whom he congratulated for his "incredible" game and for his personality. "Adriaaaan! Like Rocky," the technician joked.

"He is not only great in the field, he has a great personality in the locker room. He spoke louder than me at the break. He deserves this . His performance during the 120 minutes was incredible and the penalty stop was the icing on the cake," he said at a press conference.

The final at the Vodafone Park in Istanbul was decided in the batch after 2-2 of extra time and Adrián , who replaced the injured Alisson and signed for the 'red' box after being free and without contract with West Ham a few weeks ago , stopped the fifth penalty.

" Where was Adrian when we played against Manchester City a couple of weeks ago? The goalkeeper coach told me he needed time to get in shape, but he didn't have that time and he played very well tonight. I don't know when he played his last game but being ready as it was tonight was amazing, "he said.

"We had to give everything to win the game. We know we have to improve many things, but we will do it. We can and we will play better. Tonight it was about winning. We found a way to do it and that is great," he added, acknowledging that Chelsea could also win the final.

Klopp held another title for the European champion. " I asked Milner and Henderson how people see this trophy in England and they told me it's a real trophy, it's in the Melwood fields and they will have to change the number," he said, with the fourth Supercup 'red'.

In addition, the German coach congratulated the trio of referees Stéphanie Frappart, Manuela Nicolosi and Michelle O'Neill . "I told them that if we had played as they led the game we would have won 6-0. They were very good, when they had a lot of pressure at a historic moment and were calm and did what they had to do. I couldn't have more respect for Stéphanie Frappart." , He said.

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