SVT shows all finals in the long and medium distance and both relays. The broadcasts are commented on by Jacob Hård and Mats Troeng.

Wednesday, August 14th

13.30-18.00 SVT1: Long distance ladies and gentlemen

18.00-18.30 SVT2: Long distance ladies and gentlemen

Friday, August 16th

13.45-16.00 SVT1: Middle distance ladies

16.00-18.00 SVT1: Middle distance men

18.00-18.30 SVT2: Middle distance men

Saturday, August 17

16.10-17.50 SVT1: Relay ladies and gentlemen

17.50-20.30 SVT2: Relay ladies and gentlemen

Here is the entire World Cup program.

The Swedish World Cup team has the stated goal of becoming the best nation in the championship. At the pre-World Cup last year, Sweden won all the distances except the men's relay.