Fitzie agrees to move Cereiro to the island

Dutch club Witse have agreed to transfer South African striker Thulani Serero to Al Jazira during the summer transfer window, Dutch media reported on Thursday.

Dutch club Fitsie has agreed to transfer South African player Thulani Serero to Al Jazira during the current summer transfer period, Dutch media reported yesterday.

The Dutch daily Worthing said Fitzie would receive one million euros for Thulani Serero's move to Al Jazira, despite the Dutch club's main reliance on him and his participation in the first two rounds of the Dutch league. Amsterdam, in the meeting, which ended in a draw with two teams each, and also participated in the second round of the match, which won two goals without reply to Willem.

Serero, 29, started his career with Ajax Cape Town, South Africa, before joining Ajax in 2011.He played for the club until 2017 with four seasons and the first two seasons, before joining Witse in 2017. While he played in the South African national team for all stages of the under-17 years, and under 20 years, and under 23 years, and played with the first team from 2011.

Serbian Milos Kusanovic will travel to Abu Dhabi this week to sign a three-year contract to join Al Jazeera after Abu Dhabi's Pride reached an agreement with Belgian club Standard League to buy the Serbian player's card. For 650 thousand euros.

Al Jazeera currently has three foreign players: Moroccan Mourad Batna, Brazilian Marcos Kino, Cameroonian Sebastian Ciani, Ghanaian Ernest Asante and Brazilian Leonardo de Pereira have been sacked, while Algerian football has signed high-caliber deals for UAE nationals. : Omar Abdulrahman, Amer Abdulrahman, and Sultan Ghaferi.

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