On the evening of August 13, Krasnodar won one of the most important victories in its history and went into the Champions League qualifying playoffs. After a disappointing defeat at home, away Murad Musaev's wards managed to create the almost impossible and get the better of the regulars of the main European club tournament. The meeting with Porto ended 3-2 in favor of the bulls.

Due to the lack of the necessary license for Musayev, the head coach Sergei Matveev has traditionally already taken part in the press conference. It was he who led the team’s actions in the most important match with the “dragons”, replacing his colleague who is not able to attend the bench.

“We are very happy about the victory, we want to congratulate the president of the club, Sergey Galitsky, who will have his birthday tomorrow. It will be a good gift. Thanks to our fans who arrived in Portugal in a small amount. For them, today's success means a lot. We spent two different halves - we started well, used our strengths, fulfilling the standard and having carried out two counterattacks. The first match was equal in terms of both moments and game, but here we managed to quickly score, which affected the course of the meeting and the whole confrontation, ”said Matveev.

One of the main creators of the miracle at Dragau was a graduate of the Russian club Magomed-Shapi Suleymanov. In the course of last season, the young football player managed to gain the fame of the so-called joker - a player who enters the field during the meeting and helps his team achieve the desired result. However, many experts noted that his appearance in the starting lineup very often ended unsuccessfully.

However, this time, Suleymanov unexpectedly turned out to be at the base and took full advantage of his chance. Magomed-Chapi scored a double, with the second goal scored in the favorite style of the famous Dutchman Arjen Robben. The Russian at high speed shifted from the right edge to the center and shot into the far corner so that it was almost impossible to repel this blow.

“Of course, I'm happy. I want to say hello to all those who said that the “Port” is a sentence for us, that we will not pass them, and so on. What is the point of entering the field if you do not believe in yourself? I scored the first goal after a quick counterattack, and in the second goal almost everything was the same - shifted to my favorite left and hit, ”“ Match TV ”quotes Suleymanova.

At the same time, the striker was forced to inspect the end of the meeting from the bench. At the 65th minute, the coaching staff of the “bulls” decided to strengthen the defense and released Jon Houdni Fjolusona on the field.

“With a score of 3: 0, he believed in the capabilities of Krasnodar, but understood that it would be difficult, since Porto would not have surrendered in any case. You yourself saw how nervous the ending was, they were able to play two goals. I want to say thanks to the team that survived. I hope we will go through the next round, ”concluded Suleimanov.

The victory over the Portuguese grand admired captain Alexander Martynovich. The defender has been playing for Krasnodar since 2010 and managed to get from the first division to the Premier League. But even he assigned a special place to this success.

“Perhaps it was one of the most important matches in the history of the club. This is a great victory for us. Porto is a very serious club. It takes pride that we were able to pass it, ”admitted Martynovich.

According to him, in the second half, the southerners tried to act "in a row" and were determined to keep the earned advantage.

“The ending turned out to be very nervous, but I'm glad that the guys went all out and brought the matter to a victorious end,” the player said.

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To convey indescribable emotions is to us 😎 Changing room for the “bulls” after defeating the “Port”. #PortoKrasnodar # Champions League #Next

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In the next round, Krasnodar will face another difficult test in the person of the most titled collective in Greece. Last season, Olympiacos won silver medals in the national championship and therefore was forced to break into the group stage of the Champions League from the second qualifying round. While the wards of Pedro Martins are more than confident and have already managed to defeat “Victoria Plzen” and “Istanbul Bashaksehir”. It is noteworthy that during these four meetings, the red and white scored seven goals and did not miss a single one.

“In the playoff round, it will definitely not be easy for anyone. Olympiacos is a very serious team with a history. We’ll tune in, but before that we have a very important match in the championship, we need to concentrate on it, ”Martynovich added.

Unlike his partner Suleymanov, Ivan Ignatiev appeared on the field during the meeting, replacing the experienced Markus Berg. The young striker could not score effective actions, but also contributed to success.

"Krasnodar" is my home, not a bit doubted its partners. Congratulations to all on a historic victory. I noticed a lot of people from their own country who do not believe in the team. Most of all I dedicate this success to them, because I have to root for my club and my guys, ”TASS quoted Ignatiev.

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🔥 Winners 🔥 # Porto Krasnodar -2: 3

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It is worth recalling that in the return match, Krasnodar could not count on one of its leaders in the person of Ari. Forward was injured in the back of the thigh and was forced to miss not only the game with Porto, but also the match of the fifth round of the RPL with Rubin.

“Today we were great fellows, got the upper hand in a very difficult match, the players of Krasnodar fought for each other. We had little time to recover from the last meeting in the Russian championship. But the players completed the settings of the coach, defended themselves competently, and this brought the desired result, ”said the striker.

After the defeat from Krasnodar, the Porto players were not in the mood to communicate with the press. The emotions of the players are understandable, because the last time the team did not reach the group stage of the tournament eight years ago. In the 2009/10 season, the “dragons” took third place in the Portuguese championship and were forced to limit their performance in the Europa League.

“It is unfair and difficult to miss a goal two minutes after the starting whistle. The second ball was scored to us when we attacked, and the opponent ran into a counterattack. So it was with the third. My players reacted fantastically. The second half of the match was better than the first. “Porto” believed that he would be able to recoup, but the first half was very unfortunate for us, ”Sports Express quoted the Portuguese head coach Sergio Conceisau as referring to Record.

On the road, “Porto” achieved victory with a minimum score and had a comfortable advantage over the second leg. However, in the first 14 minutes he missed twice and turned out to be catching up. At the same time, Conceisau believes that the reason for the failure at the start was not an underestimation of the opponent.

"That was my fault. My players gave a fantastic answer to what was in the unfair first half. Nobody likes to give in. Our place in the Champions League, and we will be in the Europa League, not where we should. We understand the disappointment of the fans, this does not correspond to our ambitions, ”the specialist noted.

According to the mentor, failure to qualify for the Champions League will not affect his prospects in the club.

“When I arrived here four years ago, Porto won nothing. Since then we have been champions, took the Portuguese Super Cup, played in the quarter finals of the Champions League. I will never have problems at Porto. I like it here, ”concluded Conceisau.