• Transfer market: Zaragoza surprises everyone with Shinji Kagawa

The official presentation on Monday of the Japanese Shinji Kagawa as a new player of Real Zaragoza , first before the media and then before the fans in La Romareda , has raised an unusual expectation.

Instead of the press room, for the first time in its history the club has chosen the Zaragoza Auditorium for the presentation of the player before the demand for accreditations of more than 60 informants from 35 different media , including at least 12 Japanese .

Kagawa has taken the stage to the sounds of Japanese drums and origami figures (origami), including the shield of Real Zaragoza. And he has not disappointed, his first words have been: "Let's go up to First . " For him, "the challenge of climbing to Primera is more important than the economic aspect"

He has confessed as a follower of the Spanish League since he was a child and has said he was surprised by the level of the team. Of his new companions he has said that "they are very nice" and that, with them, he hopes that this "will be a great year". "I will enjoy them on and off the field . "

Since he arrived last Friday he has taken the opportunity to get to know the city and, when asked by a Japanese journalist, he has said that "it is very hot in Zaragoza" Kagawa has offered his live presentation on his Instagram account and on Twitter he has more than 1 , 6 million followers

Coming from Borussia Dortmund , Kagawa, 30 , is the "shocking" footballer Víctor Fernández had announced at the beginning of last week. It can be the shock for the team to return to First after six seasons in Second. The club, whose top shareholder has been for a few days César Alierta, former president of Telefónica, has announced that it has already exceeded 25,000 subscribers.

After the press conference at the Auditorium, Kagawa has moved to La Romareda, whose stands presented an aspect like a game day. Dressing short and wearing the number 23, has jumped to the grass to greet the thousands of fans who were waiting for him. "Hello everyone," were his first words in Castilian, which have driven the crowd crazy, to which he has replied "fantastic." Then in English he said that he is "very happy" in Zaragoza and that he will "give everything for the team".

The Kagawa Effect

The Japanese University of Kansai published a study in which it valued at 220 million euros the economic impact of Kagawa during his time at Manchester United.

The study included the sale of products, television rights, ticket sales to Japanese fans, hospitality revenues in Japan in the broadcasts of the 'devils network', among other concepts.

To his salary at the club, Borussia Dortmund or Manchester United, Kagawa added other means of sponsorship income. According to some specialized publications, its net worth amounts to almost 25 million euros.

In addition to his confessed desire to play in Spanish football, it is a fact that the Japanese player has left his contract with Zaragoza in the background.

This is because it has the support of a portfolio of 15 sponsors, according to Heraldo published Tuesday. is.

Among them are Adidas, the watch manufacturer Tag Heuer, the Japanese giant of the Kirin distribution (soft drinks, beers ...), the Internet financial and technology services company Z.com, the industrial and heavy machinery company Yanmar He also collaborates with the video game producer Konami, with the Japanese technology company Humanage Ic., With the hotel reservation center Relux.

In addition, he has been an image in his country of Audi and Mercedes Benz, of the producer of juices Kagome, of Toshiba. According to the aforementioned sources, during the last decade, he has been the Asian player with the highest income, a hierarchy currently only discussed by the Korean Son Heung-min (Tottenham).

Social activist

Kagawa is a well-known social activist in Japan, leading different initiatives related to children. He has been an UNICEF ambassador, is one of the faces of the Laureus Foundation, is involved in Health For Tomorrow (association to improve the health conditions of children), organizes and participates in soccer campuses throughout Asia. And he is an active figure in the Common Goal project promoted by Juan Mata, a former teammate at Manchester United, in which several players give up 1% of their salary for sustainable social development.

Kagawa has arrived in Zaragoza with a team of collaborators that includes an interpreter and translator, a person of confidence for their day to day or a person in charge of their business affairs. His arrival at the Aragonese club is a challenge for Real Zaragoza also in the fields of marketing, marketing, sponsorships, advertising.

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