• Surprise, Albon, to Red Bull

He has not been a child prodigy like Leclerc or Verstappen . He is not the son of a millionaire like Lance Stroll . He hasn't even won a title on his way to Formula 1. But life, and above all Red Bull , have decided to put one of the best cars in the World Cup in the hands of Alexander Albon . This young Thai born in London will replace Pierre Gasly , a French prodigy boy, as a companion to the relentless Max Verstappen in the energy brand. It is a surprising decision for many reasons: in his last statements, Christian Horner - director of Red Bull - pressed and gave time to a Gasly who was sixth in the World Cup , and did not predict changes in the August break. It has not been like that.

Next to Verstappen will now be Albon, 15th in the championship with nine points less than his partner Kvyat, who has even achieved a podium. In his record, a third in the Formula Renault 2014, a second place in the GP3 of 2016 behind Leclerc and a third in the Formula 2 of 2018, his best moment, although he had to beg to run in the DAMS team. «In January and February I was on the phone begging to have the seat. I didn't have the money for it , but they gave it to me, ”he summed up. He had an agreement to run in Formula E, but Red Bull appeared and offered him a Toro Rosso.

In his dreams as a child, Michael Schumacher , for his father, who was also a pilot, and Valentino Rossi , whose 46 wallpaper the walls of the child's room Alexander, obsessed with Il Doctore to the point that his mother put his videos for calm him down. He did not dare to put 46, but he is wearing '23': " I wanted to choose a number related to him ."

Without great results, what brings Albon to Red Bull? Gasly has added two dropouts and two runs with 10th and 11th, far from Max. The Thai, who turned 23 in March, has finished eleven of the twelve races that have been played, which means that in the continuous war that is the middle of the grid. A reliable pilot. Red Bull will study him during the remainder of the season and will make a decision on the Verstappen teammate before the start of 2020. The team wants to regain the world throne by the Dutch, but has not achieved a suitable partner. Neither Ricciardo nor Gasly ... Is it Albon? ... Is it Alonso?

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