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Two points for performance and interaction with Azmoon: how Dziuba showed himself in the match against Dynamo


Artyom Dziuba became the protagonist of the match of the fifth round of the RPL between Dynamo and Zenit. Forward Petersburgers not only distinguished himself, but also performed an assist on Magomed Ozdoev. By the number of points for performance, the attacker took the lead in the RPL. Before the match, the head coach of the Russian national team Stanislav Cherchesov emphasized that Dziuba is currently stronger than Fedor Chalov from CSKA. RT reviewed the actions of the striker in connection with the statement of the mentor of the main team.

Before the match: Cherchesov’s statement and comparison with Chalov

The beginning of the season turned out to be a shock for one of the best football players of the country in recent years, Artem Dziuba. In the first four rounds, he scored three goals and gave two assists, which allowed him to lead the RPL in terms of the number of points for performance along with Alexander Sobolev.

It seems that the striker still has enough motivation to play in Russia, despite the desire to leave for England. At the end of May, information appeared that a well-known agent, Georges Mendes, would help Dzube to move to the Premier League, but things did not go beyond rumors. If according to Fedor Chalov there were specific statements by the agent about the offer of CSKA from Crystal Palace, then the name of Artyom before the closing of the transfer window on Foggy Albion was not mentioned at all in the news.

But with a kind word, the captain of the national team remembered her head coach Stanislav Cherchesov, moreover, in conjunction with Chalov. Explaining why Fyodor is currently sitting on the bench in the national team, he noted that Artyom "so far looks stronger."

The statement of the expert caused a lot of controversy, in connection with which there was a desire to compare the game of two strikers in the upcoming round. The first to enter the field was Dziuba. On Saturday, his Zenit, the leader in the standings, played away from Dynamo on the road. Forward, of course, was in the starting lineup.

Before the match, Dziuba was positive as usual, joked a lot and smiled. The symbolic first hit on the ball was delivered by the pupil of Dynamo Alexander Ovechkin. Artyom exchanged a warm handshake with the hockey player. Athletes hugged and exchanged a couple of phrases.

First Half: Goal in the tenth minute

But along with the starting whistle of the judge, Artyom’s benevolence disappeared. From the first minutes, he began a confrontation with the central defenders of the opponent Tony Shunich and Vladimir Rykov. Dziuba is a tall footballer (196 cm), but both rivals were almost as tall as he was.

In general, it was not easy for the striker to fight against such defenders, but he still clung to the ball quite successfully and carried out discounts on partners in a corporate manner. Sometimes Artyom acted outside the rules. So, in the middle of the first half, he firmly drove into Rykov’s legs, but immediately apologized and did not receive a card.

And already in the 10th minute Dziuba scored. After the removal from his half of the field, he competently missed the ball on Serdar Azmun in the fight against Rykov and ran away from the defender into the penalty area. The Iranian made an excellent cutting pass between two rivals, and Artyom calmly realized one on one. At the same time, Dynamo goalkeeper Anton Shunin was injured in this episode.

Dziuba himself quite provocatively celebrated a goal in front of the fans' grandstand. Fans of blue and white, of course, carried out a scorer with a whistle. Then Artyom still managed to demonstrate pouting cheeks to someone on the bench.

By the way, this ball became for Dziuba 105th in the championships of Russia. According to this indicator, he beat Roman Pavlyuchenko. Now Artyom is second only to Oleg Veretennikov (143 goals), Alexander Kerzhakov (139), Dmitry Kirichenko (129) and Dmitry Loskov (120).

Having scored, Dziuba continued to act in a corporate manner - he clung to the balls and went to the flanks, where he skillfully outplayed himself with partners. At the same time, several times the attacker in a harsh form expressed his dissatisfaction with teammates after unsuccessful transfers. In particular, went to Alexei Sutormin.

But Artyom himself in the middle of the first half nearly brought Azmune one on one with a competent cutting pass from the bottom, but Serdar did not have enough speed. And a little earlier, Douglas, after submitting the 22nd number from the right flank, almost opened the scoring for goals for Zenit.

Second Half: Interaction with Malcolm and Assists

In the second half, the St. Petersburg newcomer Malkom entered the field and Dziuba gradually began to establish interaction with him, although it was felt that the partners lacked teamwork. In a couple of episodes, Artyom did not understand the intentions of the Brazilian and sent the ball to the wrong place. In turn, the ex-football player of Barcelona in one moment could lead the attacker almost to the empty net, but he was greedy, went to the stroke and missed the ball. By the way, Dziuba managed to make claims to Malkoy. In general, in this match, the captain of the Russian national team behaved more aggressively than usual.

But playing from this Dziub did not become worse. At the 57th minute, he again almost brought to a rendezvous with Igor Leshchuk Azmuna. Artyom won the horse martial arts against Rykov and competently threw the ball with his head on the Iranian move. Shunich waved past the projectile, but the Zenit player brought in the ball and missed the point for a strike.

And ten minutes later, Dziuba again marked a foul on Rykov - pushed him during the horse riding. Violation of the rules was obvious, but despite this, the leader of St. Petersburg argued a little with the judge. By the way, at the very beginning of the match, Artyom literally shouted at the linesman because of an unfair outs. Definitely Dziuba was on the platoon that day.

Another memorable episode with the participation of a football player occurred 20 minutes before the final whistle. Artyom on the left flank with a magnificent transfer of the heel threw Yuri Zhirkov into the breakthrough, and he performed the perfect cross on Azmun, but the Iranian managed not to get on target from a couple of meters.

And yet, without another point for Dziub's performance, he did not leave the field. At the very end of the match, he got the ball near someone else's penalty area. A shot was struck on goal, and the striker at some point even made a swing, but as a result gave a soft pass to the left to Magomed Ozdoev, who put an end to this game.

Thus, after five rounds of the RPL, four goals and three assists appear on Artyom's account. The match with Dynamo showed that Dziuba is determined to achieve the result and is full of energy. The latter is especially important if you recall how hard the striker had after the World Cup. At the moment he is in such a form that Cherchesov simply cannot be put on a bench.

Source: russiart

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