King Kamehameha Dies 18 Years Old Derby Horse 2004 10:22:07

King Kamehameha, who played an active role in the Central Horse Race, won the two G1 races of Japan Derby and NHK Mile Cup, and died on the 9th.

According to the JRA = Japan Central Horse Racing Association, when King Kamehameha died on the 9th, he was contacted by the Hokkaido ranch, Shadai Stallion Station, which he managed.

King Kamehameha won eight races and seven wins, including winning two G1 races in Japan, Derby and NHK Mile Cup in 2004. After retirement he was also active as a seed horse.

According to the ranch, King Kamehameha was devoted to recuperation due to decreased immune function, but suddenly changed his physical condition in the evening of 9th, and took his breath at the age of 18 at the age of 18.

The company Stallion Station that he manages, commented, “As a stallion horse, as a horse, it was a wonderful and respectable horse. I am full of gratitude. I wish you all the best.”