The number of Dynamo versus the quality of Zenith

The main match of the 5th round of the RPL will be held at the Lev Yashin Stadium. The metropolitan Dynamo on the renewed field of the legendary arena will take on a principal rival - Zenit.

Petersburgers approach the meeting with Muscovites with almost perfect statistics, because during the new season the champion of the country did not suffer a single defeat and only in the match with Krasnodar lost his first points, tied. It is not surprising that in this regard, experts and fans consider it a clear favorite to meet precisely blue-white-blue, who have the most balanced composition.

However, the home team has something to oppose the champion. According to the former coach of both teams Anatoly Byshovets, the blue and white carried out a convincing transfer campaign. So a few days before the reporting game Dynamo signed the defender of the Russian team Roman Neustedter and striker Dortmund “Borussia” Maximilian Philip. Such a high-quality reinforcement can quickly raise the level of the game of the Moscow team, the coach is sure.

“The potential of Dynamo allows us to look to the future with optimism. Perhaps the problems remained only in the attack, but they will be solved over time. At the same time, the meetings between these rivals were always distinguished by a tense struggle even in those years when Muscovites on paper were inferior to guests from the Neva by all criteria. Yes, the potential is higher for Zenit, but Dynamo, in front of its fans, can get the better of the champion, ”Byshovets said in a conversation with RT.

Sergei Semak, however, is able to surprise his counterpart Dmitry Khokhlov. The specialist did not rule out the possibility of the appearance in the starting lineup of Zenit, the Brazilian rookie Malkom.

“Players of this level do not need a long adaptation. They easily fit into any conditions and begin to benefit their new team. It was for such qualities that Zenit paid so much money. What matters here is not its price but value! ”, The coach emphasized.

Til and Larsson vs. Glushakov

The capital's Spartak went on a direct flight from Switzerland to Grozny, where it will meet with the team of its former captain Denis Glushakov. According to the former red-and-white player Alexander Mostovoy, the meeting at the “Akhmat Arena” will not only carry revanchist sentiments, but will also become a serious game test for the team of Oleg Kononov.

“Of course, for Glushakov the game is extremely important. He has something to prove, because he left the club not of his own free will, but rather against her. And in general, the match against Akhmat doesn’t bode well for red and white. The team lost a lot of strength in the game with “Thun”, in addition, Grozny residents know how to block an opponent in an attack. It is difficult to call Muscovites the favorite of this pair, ”Mostovoy said in an interview with RT.

The expert is sure that one should not expect during the meeting a new wave of negativity against Glushakov from Spartak fans who, during the past season, waged a banner war against their former captain.

The specialist also suggested that in connection with the busy schedule and the upcoming matches with “Thun” and CSKA, Oleg Kononov could go on experiments with the roster. In particular, according to the expert, Jordan Larsson and Gus Til will make their debut in Grozny with a high degree of probability.

“Yes, I am waiting for their appearance on the field, but so far I can’t predict how it will be. Schurrle is another matter, everything was clear with him from the beginning. He has the right decisions, other movements, he is a high-level performer. But nothing is clear with these two comrades. For Til, for example, only the price speaks. They paid so much for him that the guy simply has to somehow justify it, ”Mostovoy emphasized.

Sharonov’s tactics against the rotation of Krasnodar

Krasnodar, after an insulting defeat against Porto, within the framework of the 3rd qualifying round of the Champions League, will try to rehabilitate itself in front of its fans, having won over Kazan Rubin.

According to the former coach of the team from the capital of Tatarstan Rinat Bilyaletdinov, the team of Roman Sharonov will not be easy. Despite a confident start, with each match, the opponents are looking more closely at his tactics.

“They started so confidently that they attracted attention. Now the coaching staffs of other teams are preparing for Rubin as a top rival. Therefore, further it will be even more difficult. Here either change tactics, trick and surprise your counterparts or take stamina and skill, ”Bilyaletdinov explained.

He found it difficult to answer regarding possible changes in the starting lineup of the southerners. As suggested by the trainer, his colleague Murad Musaev can take risks and rely on talented youth in the person of Magomed Shapi-Suleymanov and Ivan Ignatiev.

“It is difficult to predict, and even more difficult to make such decisions. On the one hand, nobody will scatter points in the RPL, the season is gaining momentum and “spenders” at the end of the year will not be easy. On the other hand, when, if not now, give young people the opportunity to get in shape? Yes, the guys have not yet ripened to enter the starting lineup of the Champions League matches, but they can prove themselves against Rubin. Personally, I am waiting for a very interesting match, ”the expert summed up.

Chalov’s sports anger against the Zenit double

The Moscow CSKA in the framework of the 5th round of the RPL will host in its field debutants from Sochi. There are no stories of personal hostility and many years of fundamental confrontation between the clubs, however, the figure of 21-year-old striker of the army team Fedor Chalov attracts interest in the match.

Last week, the red-blue striker became the main newsmaker of sports media. Initially, the head coach of the team Stanislav Cherchesov spoke about his prospects in the Russian national team, and right after that there was news about a possible transfer of a football player to the Premier League. According to a number of publications, the English Crystal Palace was ready to acquire a Russian for € 25 million, but the transfer failed due to a fundamental refusal by the red-blue management.

Ex-CSKA defender Oleg Kornaukhov is sure that the increased attention, rumors and a little criticism from the coaching staff of the national team did not affect the emotional state of the young player.

“What is wrong with saying so much about you? In addition, it is still not clear whether things were as the press presented. The fact that Fedya did not leave is nothing bad. He is a stable guy, this should not affect him in any way. He just needs to prove to himself and everyone else what he is capable of. So he will be ready for the match in exactly the same way as for all previous and future ones. Nothing extraordinary happened, ”said the ex-footballer in a conversation with RT.

Kornaukhov admitted that the football world has not yet been able to thoroughly study and draw up his idea of ​​Sochi. According to the expert, it will be possible to talk about the feasibility of the project and its need for the RPL only after the advent of several seasons.

“Is everyone joking that this is a Zenit take? Well, let's just say that they have a certain relationship. Firstly, once it was St. Petersburg Dynamo. Secondly, now in Sochi there are really a lot of people from the camp of champions of the country. While they are confident, they managed to impose a fight on their rivals ... It is too early to judge the rest. The main thing is that the story does not repeat as it was with Tosno, Anji and Amkar. I believe that the death of these clubs taught us all something, ”summed up Kornaukhov.

Shomurodov vs Sobolev

The main intrigue of the meeting between Rostov and Wings of the Soviets will be the face-to-face dispute between the two top scorers this season, Eldor Shomurodov and Alexander Sobolev. Forwards for two excelled already seven times and forced to talk about themselves exclusively in laudatory tones. The analysts of the experts are especially impressed by the progress of the 22-year-old Russian, who is not shy about taking on the game and scoring goals that are rare in beauty. However, Alexander Mostovoy believes that the forward of the national team of Uzbekistan surpasses the counterpart by a number of indicators.

“He has great dribbling, speed, movement. Sobolev is more a player of the penalty area. Yes, he can open or play with his head, but in the middle of the field he is not very visible. In general, these are quality hitters, but there are better ones in the league. For example, it’s far from necessary - Azmun and Smolov should go around this pair during the championship, ”Mostovoy explained.

The expert is also sure that Sobolev needs to agree to offers from leading clubs in the country, if any.

“If Spartak calls, you must run without hesitation! Firstly, this is status, and secondly, money. Yes, alas, finance is now playing the first role in football. Now, look at Anton Zabolotny, what is he like? He was made a Zenith player with a crazy paycheck, so what? Where are the goals? Yes, it can work, maybe not ... The main thing is to knock out a contract with solid conditions. These are the realities of the market, ”the expert explained.