"Saying goodbye to this is the most heartbreaking I've been to because you who know me know how much I love this sport and how I value my life around living and being the handball player Alexandra," the right-hander wrote in April while she announced that his career was over.

But now she is making a surprising comeback and has signed on for a year with Skara, who finished seventh in SHE last year.

- On my own, I started training after the surgery. When Magnus (Frisk) called me two weeks ago and wondered if I could set up for games even the coming season, I had to think for myself before I said yes, Roos tells the club's website.

Skara writes that they are very satisfied with the settlement.

- She means a lot of security for our team, not least in the defense game. She did an excellent season last year before she was injured, says Gunilla Flink in the club's sports group.