Members of the majority push to soften the sale of alcohol in stadiums, prohibited by the Evin law. A bill disputed by psychologist and addictologist Jean-Pierre Couteron, spokesman for the Federation addiction.


Will alcohol return to the stadiums? About a hundred LREM deputies, as well as several members of the opposition, have tabled a bill to this effect. The psychologist and addictologist Jean-Pierre Couteron expressed Saturday evening on Europe 1 his firm opposition to this project, in the name of public health. "We react negatively, because the national health strategy has shown the interest of reducing and better regulating the consumption of alcohol.This measure, in a law also interesting, will lead to the opposite. (...) This n 's not at all reasonable, do not do that, "warned the spokesman of the Federation addiction.

The 1991 Evin law against smoking and alcoholism prohibits the sale, distribution and introduction of alcoholic beverages in all physical activity and sports establishments. Clubs have a waiver to sell alcohol ten times a year. Health Minister Agn├Ęs Buzyn strongly opposed this bill, which comes from a large fringe of MPs of the majority.

"The hypocrisy" of alcohol in the lodges

"It's worse than a double talk: on one side we empty the pool, and on the other we fill it in. We're going to spend a lot of money on one side, and we're going to make a lot of money. The result will be zero, that is to say that public health will not win, and the practice of sport and better physical health either, "said Jean-Pierre Couteron. "We're going to be vigilant all the way in. Clearly, there can be no question of favoring the sport by making people drink more.It seems pretty absurd," he continued.

The addictologist also called for an end to hypocrisy on the subject, while alcohol is tolerated in stadiums only in the lodges and for VIPs. "This hypocrisy makes me laugh and make me angry, so everyone has to be self-disciplined by not drinking alcohol during matches," the addictologist said. "When we are in a collective atmosphere we tend to drink more and less control.It is not true that it is just a little beer.I am a member of a rugby club, and I find it good of to dissociate sport from the consumption of alcohol ", concluded Jean-Pierre Couteron.