75% of youth baseball players with shoulder and elbow disabilities

While the burden of throwing underage baseball players became a problem, a hardball baseball group of elementary and junior high school students asked a doctor to find out that three out of four top-class players had problems. I understand. Specialized doctors point out that “the guidance method and game rules need to be reviewed as soon as possible”.

An association of elementary and junior high school baseball teams of approximately 750 teams nationwide, the Japan Youth Baseball Federation, Tatebayashi City, Gunma Prefecture, is familiar with the problem of burden caused by overthrowing of baseball players. Asked Dr. Kozo Furushima to investigate.

Dr. Furushima investigated 49 top-class players selected from 6500 junior high school students from the East Japan team among the teams belonging to the Federation, and as a result of diagnosis by echo, the ligament was pulled and part of the bone It was found that there were 37 players who had disabilities such as peeling, and 75.5%, or 3 out of 4 players.

Also, in the interview, more than half of the athletes who have reported elbow pain so far (26%, 53%) and 24 (49%) of athletes who have suffered shoulder pain have reached nearly half. It was.

In addition, there were 8 athletes (16%) who needed to rest because there were symptoms that their elbows hurt when throwing and they hurt when they push the ligament.

Regarding this result, Dr. Furushima points out, “Because disability of the elbow in the growth period increases the risk of recurrence in the future, it is necessary to review the instruction method and game rules as soon as possible.”

"Contrary to risks"

Dr. Furushima of Keiyu Orthopedic Hospital in Tatebayashi City, Gunma Prefecture, has performed more than 600 “Tommy John Surgery” for nearly 15 years, known to be performed by a professional baseball player who has injured his elbow.

According to Dr. Furushima's analysis of this case, about 40% of the patients who underwent surgery were children below high school and some were elementary school students.

According to Dr. Furushima, “This is a very high rate of disability, and should be taken seriously. The ball children of elementary and junior high school students are fighting and practicing in a situation contrary to risk to be successful. “If you are unlucky, you will not be able to throw, and you will be at higher risk of recurrence after entering high school.”

In addition, “The current situation surrounding the ball child is that the risk of injury increases as a player seeks a high level. Instructors and teams want to compete on how to get better in a short practice. "

Long practice less rest

In this survey, not only the state of the body but also the practice time, etc. were heard from the players.

According to it, when asked about the practice time per day on Saturdays and Sundays, 25% (51%) responded that more than 8 hours, and nearly 40% of the players answered that more than 5 hours. (39%).
Only 7 players (14%) replied that there was more than a month of rest per year.

Japan Youth Baseball Federation to introduce pitcher limit

Based on the results of this survey, the Japan Youth Baseball Federation decided to introduce a new pitcher restriction rule for East Japan tournaments starting next week.

For elementary school students, one pitcher can throw up to 65 balls a day, and up to 100 balls when throwing for two consecutive days.
In junior high school students, one pitcher throws no more than 80 balls per day, and no more than 120 balls for two consecutive days.

In high school, the Niigata High School Baseball Federation announced in December last year that it would introduce a limit on the number of balls at the prefectural tournament, and the Japan High School Baseball Federation started an expert meeting in April. Is spreading.