5th time, the top at the last Koshien Chiben Wakayama Junpei Higashitsuma August 8, 20:43

For high school ball children, there are five chances to participate in Koshien in spring and summer. Chiba Wakayama's catcher, Junpei Totsuma, played all five times. The last summer is a strong determination to reach the top. (Koshien coverage group reporter Yuta Yamamoto)

5 seasons of Koshien

Totsuma talks about himself as “the most losing player in Koshien”.

From the summer of the first grader, while experiencing the stage of longing of high school ball children four times, the highest grade is runner-up in last year's Senbatsu. In other words, I have lost 4 times at Koshien.

"That's why I don't want to lose anymore" is coming to the last summer.

The first round on the 8th was a match against Yonago Higashi (Tottori), who has played for the first time in 28 years.

Chiben Wakayama lost to Omi (Shiga) in the first round last summer, and Totsuka knows the fear of Koshien.

“The first game is the most difficult because it is still lacking momentum.”

Two timely with excellent reading

Totsuma who participated in No. 6 Catcher.

In the 4th time, the first timely hit with a chance of 2 out first and second base. With the consciousness of connecting to the back, he repelled the straight that was struck by double play at the front batting.

Furthermore, in the 6th ura, which was caught up in the same one-on-one tie, the batsman went around in 2 outs, and it was a timely lease base.
It was a brilliant blow that was captured by a catcher-like reading that "I thought it was only straight" from the advantageous count that the ball preceded.

Teaching by Master Hitoshi Nakatani

As a catcher, he skillfully led two pitchers, Ace's pitcher Yosuke Ikeda and second-year-relief Jito Kobayashi.

On the bench, I could see a lot of talks with Director Nakatani.

Nakatani is also a catcher. Played at professional baseball Hanshin, etc., and Totsutoshi who entered Totsutoshi was appointed as a coach at the alma mater in April.

Totsuma, who turned from a high school to a catcher, had been taught by Nakatani, including catching, throwing and pitching.

Director Nakatani evaluated the disciple who gave only one point to the opponent's batting line as “it was sticky well.

Tozuma said, “The words of the director who was professionally played are very convincing. It was taught that catcher's job was to win the pitcher. I think. ”

The last summer battle in the culmination of three years that I have been working with Director Nakatani.

The second round will be the second match on the 8th day of the tournament, and will be played against Meitoku Gijuku (Kochi).