- We stand behind going down to eight laps. We think it's the right way to go, "Stefan Lund, secretary general of the curling association, told Dagens Nyheter.

Also Anna Hasselborg, whose team took home both the Olympic Games and the European Championships last year, is positive that the proposal is being investigated as it is only in championships that you have ten rounds.

- There are a lot of matches in a World Cup, so it would be advantageous with eight instead of ten rounds. We are more used to eight than ten.

The proposal may be implemented directly or after the Beijing Olympics in 2022. One country that has been short of an acronym is Canada where it loses advertising time and thus money if the matches get shorter. A match of ten rounds can last for three hours.

- It may be positive for the TV viewers, as the matches are otherwise quite long. But they still will be, curling is curling, Hasselborg tells Dagens Nyheter.