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  • Carmelo Anthony. "Do I really have no place in 30 teams?"

Once again, Carmelo Anthony is back in the news. If recently in an interview on ESPN he was upset by having no place in any of the 30 NBA teams, today it has been revealed that he tried to be in the North American team that will play the World Cup that begins next August 31 in China , but the coaching staff decided not to have him .

Jerry Colangelo, the sports director of the US team , said in an interview with Sports Illustrated that they rejected the option of including Anthony among those summoned despite the refusal of most NBA stars. " I love Carmelo, he has made a great contribution to the national team in the past and has been one of the best in the previous final phases. But considering our idea and what we are doing, it would have been without a doubt a distraction, " Colangelo has commented

"I understand why he has made this request, he is looking to find himself again . But I think that he has to do it in the NBA," he added.

Despite the refusal and that right now his career does not go through his best memento, Melo has been key in the last wins of the most successful team in the history of basketball. He is the top scorer of all time of the team and has the honor of being alongside Sergey Belov and Guennadi Volnov the only player with four Olympic medals, three of them gold in his case.

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