Athletes confirmed that the joining of Omar Abdulrahman to the island in a free transfer, is one of the most important summer transfer market deals, pointing out that «Abu Dhabi pride» won a deal of high caliber, especially by contracting with the international player Amer Abdulrahman.

They told «Emirates Today» that «the return of (Amouri) to play in the Arabian Gulf League, a gain for the player himself, and the competition as well, because the international player has great potential», noting that «the surprise brought by Al Jazeera by the inclusion of Omar Abdulrahman, will contribute to four benefits, The most important of which is the return of (Amouri) to the stadiums after an absence that lasted for more than 10 months because of a cut in the cruciate ligament, the second benefit is to equip the player in the best way to return to join the national team, is also the third benefit of the interest (pride of Abu Dhabi), which is His ranks include some of the best players in the Arabian Gulf League, and finally he prepares “Joining a new team is a good incentive for Omar Abdulrahman to prove himself, compared to the incentive he would have received if he returned to Al Ain.”

Al-Jazira and Al-Jazira former player, Bakhit Saad, said that "no two disagree that Omar Abdulrahman is one of the most prominent players in the country in the past seasons, with Al Ain Club and the national team," pointing out that "everyone is happy to return (Amouri) to the league The Arabian Gulf, away from the club that will play in its ranks, because it is a great addition to the competition ».

He added: «I wish to return (Amouri) to Al Ain, but joining another team is a natural thing in the world of professionalism, and his move to a big club such as Al Jazeera is something that makes us feel happy, and certainly the public Ainawi hoped the return of the player to (the leader), we may see "Some of the fans (Violet), support (pride of Abu Dhabi), a love of Omar Abdulrahman, and joining his team».

He continued: «Omar's return to the stadiums is important, as he went through a difficult period, after playing in popular clubs such as Al Ain and the Saudi Crescent, but the circumstances did not serve him, because of injury, while the last period was difficult because his fate was not determined to play with any team».

For his part, former executive director of Al Wasl Club, Majid Al Falasi, said that «the most important of the return of Omar Abdul Rahman to the Arabian Gulf League, or know the identity of the club to which he moved, is to see (Amouri) participate in the games and regain his level known, when he was playing Al Ain, before moving to Al Hilal last season.

Al-Falasi explained that «the national team is one of the biggest beneficiaries of the return of (Amouri) to the Arabian Gulf League», pointing out that «White» was affected negatively in the Asian Cup last, because of the absence of Omar because of cuts in the cruciate ligament, while the national team will play in the period He added that Omar Abdulrahman's arrival in Al Jazeera will undoubtedly be a strong addition to Abu Dhabi's pride, especially as the team includes a good group of international players, expected to be in harmony (Amouri) quickly with the team, with the presence of international players such as Ali Mabkhout, e There is a great understanding between the players in the national team, which certainly will show their games in the Gulf Arab League, and the benefit of the «white».

Antar Marzouk, deputy technical supervisor at Al-Ahly Football Academy, said that it was important that Omar Abdul Rahman decide his next destination in the fastest way, pointing out that his departure from the stadiums more than this would harm the player himself, in addition to his absence from the national team National team a big loss.

"Some expect Amouri's experience with Al Jazeera to be unsuccessful because he has had a cruciate ligament cut three times, but I think this is not a condition for the success of the experiment," he said. "If the player is treated properly, there will be no obstacle to his appearance." "Well, for me, I expect (my age) to regain his level a month after the start of the local championships, at the latest." He added: «I personally hoped that Omar joined Al Ahli youth, but we wish him success with Al Jazeera, and that his return to another club different from Al Ain, will give him a greater incentive to shine, because his return to play with the (leader) will be something normal for him, especially "He played many years with the team."

4 benefits

1 - return «Amory» to the stadiums.

Preparing the player to participate with the national team.

3 - a strong deal to support Al Jazeera next season.

4. A new incentive for the player to prove himself.