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“It’s bad when the judge becomes the main star”: what they said after the match “Krasnodar” - “Porto” in the Champions League


The main referee of the match “Krasnodar” - “Porto” in the framework of the third qualifying round of the Champions League Tobias Stiler made several mistakes at once. This was stated by the Serbian defender of the southerners Urosh Spaich. According to him, the German should not have fixed the foul on The Louis in the end. In turn, the head coach of the Russian team Sergey Matveev emphasized that the team still has chances to advance to the next round. And his counterpart Sergio Conceisau could not hide his admiration for the new stadium of the Kuban club.

“This result does not mean anything. Porto scored from the standard, but we didn’t

The debut in the Champions League was not very successful for Krasnodar. To begin with, the team did not realize their own moments, and the German referee Tobias Stiller did not appoint a penalty kick for Ivan Marcano. But in another episode, the referee in a rather controversial situation after the fall of Ze Luis gave Port “an opportunity” to break through a dangerous free kick, which ended in a goal.

However, the head coach of the southerners Sergei Matveev after the match looked calm enough and emphasized that even a minimal defeat leaves Krasnodar with a chance to advance to the next round.

“The game was difficult, they started not too well, but there are objective reasons for this. In the course of the game, much has changed, it is better to control the ball, to act more actively. The second half turned out to be of better quality, had many transitions that could lead to a goal. “Porto” scored from the standard, but we did not, but “Krasnodar” was closer to the goal than the opponent. Remy Cabella played pretty well, and the whole team looked decent. The result does not mean anything. The second game will be difficult, ”Matveyev promised.

We could not help asking the coach about the reasons for the large number of goals that Krasnodar missed in the end of the matches.

"It is hard to say. Yes, both from Zenit and Porto missed in the last minutes. The opponent performed the standard position well. I repeat, the match turned out to be open, we and the guests had chances. In general, I want to see a more compact, holistic game, ”added Matveev.

In addition, the fans after the game had a lot of questions about the choice of the attacker for the match. Marcus Berg, who entered the field from the first minutes, was almost invisible, but Ivan Ignatiev, a young club pupil, was not included in the application at all.

“Everything is normal with Vanya, he just got a little sprain in training, and by Saturday he will be ready. As for Berg, we see how it works. They wanted to release Marcus back in St. Petersburg, but failed due to the replacement of Sergei Petrov. Ari then spent all 90 minutes, and today he was released to replace him, ”the coach explained.

Finally, Matveev said, due to which “Krasnodar” can win in Portugal.

“We hope for every player ... In principle, we have a pretty good team, there is interchangeability. We’ll think, ”concluded the mentor.

And the Porto head coach Sergio Conceisau, who, due to disqualification, could not take his place on the bench, emphasized respectfully spoke about his opponent.

“Krasnodar has a very good team with experienced players. She showed herself to be the best in the Europa League, the club has many ambitions, and this is only the beginning of the way. We had a good match from a collective point of view. All transitions in defense were qualitatively executed by our players, especially in the first half. “Krasnodar” had only one dangerous blow before the break, but we had to create much more dangerous situations and score. Nevertheless, I express my great respect to the opponent, it will be difficult to play with them in Portugal, ”summed up the results of the Conceisau meeting.

The Porto mentor also thanked Sergey Galitsky for his “fantastic infrastructure” and emphasized that it would be good if such a team continued to perform in European competitions.

“The judge should have awarded a penalty to Porto, but there was no foul on Ze Luis”

In turn, the Krasnodar players looked much more upset and devastated, for example, team captain Alexander Martynovich.

“Not enough concentration, experience, I guess. The opponent scored, taking advantage of the fact that we fouled due to fatigue. You need to see if there was any foul in that episode. Why did you have a bad start to the match? Listen, we didn’t play against the village team. This is essentially the Champions League playoff level. In Portugal, we will act more actively, ”Martynovic said on the Match Premier television channel.

Perhaps the darkest of the rest was Spaich, who committed a fatal foul on The Louis. After the match, he harshly criticized the referee. According to the Serb, the meeting of “two equal teams” was supposed to end in a draw.

“The opponent showed a good game, but badly when the referee becomes the main star of the match. After all, he had to appoint a penalty at the Porto goal. I don’t know where he was looking. At the end of the game, the referee appointed a controversial free kick at our goal. Of course, I have to see the replay, but there was no contact there, and if it was, it was insignificant. It’s bad that this episode affected the final score. Nevertheless, we showed that we can play with such an opponent as Porto, ”said the Serb.

The defender also explained why he rushed to the goal line in the episode with a single goal.

“Safonov asked me to help, but it was too late. The judge gave a whistle, but I did not have time. Perhaps we were a little lacking in concentration at the end, ”Spaich added.

And Christian Ramirez even on such a sad day for “Krasnodar” managed to please the fans. The fact is that the Ecuadorian gave an interview in Russian.

Porto is a very difficult team, which brings together good players. We play away next week and we have a good chance of winning. We can win. We fought on equal terms for almost the entire match. Did Porto surprise you with anything? Nothing special. Now our task is to win by demonstrating our signature attacking football, ”said the defender.

Another legionnaire of "Krasnodar" - who replaced in the second half, John Godney Fjoluson complained about poor implementation.

“Yes, the opponent realized his moments, but we did not succeed, and in the end we missed. They tried to play tight in defense, but we had a very good opponent. We did everything we could, but it turned out like this ... It's hard to lose in such a match in the last minute, ”the Icelander stressed.

And the main character in the “Porto”, except for the goal scorer Sergio Oliveira, was, of course, Ze Luis, who earned a fateful free kick.

“Today he played as part of Porto, has already adapted to the new team. But for me the most important thing is to always show a professional game. And the matches in Krasnodar have always always turned out quite emotional. I really like Russia, and I'm glad to be back here, ”the forward admitted.

At the same time, the attacker assured that Uros Spaich violated the rules on him.

“Of course, there was a foul. Fortunately, we scored a ball, ”added The Luis.

Source: russiart

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