Summer Koshien overwhelmed by Reikosha 5HR "responding power" polishing line strengthening Aug. 7 14:33

Osaka Shoshosha High School played against Kasumigaura High School in Ibaraki in the first game on the second day of the tournament. Overwhelmed by the five home runs on the team's highest record of one game, showing the hitting power as before.

What I gained from senbatsu defeat

In Sembatsu, who played with a powerful batting line, the straight of more than 150 km in the first round against Seiryo High School was completely unsealed, with neither arms nor hands coming out to the pitcher Okugawa Toshinobu.

A month later, in the quarter-finals of the spring Osaka prefectural tournament, the team won a 2-to-3 match against Daisho University High School, a pitcher of Ueda Taiga who throws a straight and sharp slider in the late 140km range.

It doesn't make sense not to beat a good pitcher. So, for the summer, Director Tatsuo Okada put up his “responsiveness”.

Director Okada said, “Okugawa's straight line failed and hands and feet did not appear on the changing ball. Do not continue to take the same way. I want you to play baseball with your head. "

Enhance your response

Specifically, I repeated the practice of standing at bats with a strong awareness of which ball type, which course to aim for, and how to determine the ball that was not aimed.

On the 7th, including a home run, Satoshi Nishikawa, who made three hits, said, “I tried to aim for this ball type, such as cutting a lower ball or putting a ball on my head. Aiming at the result, the second batting point can now be considered in the game, aiming at the slider. "

In addition to that, it was negligent for each player to improve their skills. Kazutoshi Uchikura, who recorded the team's top 40/8/1 baseball at the Osaka tournament, increased the swing speed by transferring the bat. By doing so, it was possible to delay the start of the bat swing and to identify the ball to the last minute.

Reikosha, who humbly received the humiliation of Senbatsu's complete defeat, grew up and returned to Koshien. Okada, who had been saying that he couldn't win if he couldn't hit it, "I've been a director for nearly 30 years, but I don't remember 5 home runs per game. I was talking with a smile.