It is summer and pre-season training for winter athletes but despite that, things happen around the sport. And as usual, there is a certain Therese Johaug that draws headlines. Her investment and profit of 10,000 meters at the Norwegian Championships gives echoes in the winter sports world.

Sweden's, in many ways, equivalent to Therese Johaug is called Frida Karlsson. Last season's big exclamation point, which itself has been running.

"If she wants to run in the European Championships, I think she should do it"

- I've never run 10,000 meters. I have never run longer than 3000 meters, I think, so I have no idea, says Karlsson who does not know how she would stand against Johaug with the running shoes on.

- No, but stuff like that is always hard to speculate on. It's been so long since I ran the track so I have no idea.

But she is nevertheless full of admiration for Johaug's performance.

- It's impressive. If she wants to run the European Championships, I definitely think she should. Its a challenge.