Summer Koshien Takaoka Shoji wins 6-4 against Iwami Satoshikan to the second round August 6th 19:15

In the third game of the national high school baseball in the summer, the first day of the tournament, Toyama's Takaoka Commerce won a 10-time, 6-to-4 win over Shimane's Satoshi Iwamikan High School, breaking through the first match for the second consecutive year. .

Takaoka Commerce was caught up with the same score of 9 points of the 2 points lead and entered the first extended game of this tournament. I won a two-point time lease base and won.

Finally, Ken Matsushiro, the third pitcher, kept the lead, and Takaoka Commercial won the game 10 times, 6-4.

Takaoka Commerce is the first to break through last year, with two wins and advance into the third round.

Satoshi Iwamikan caught up with Captain Airo Satoyama's two-point timely hit in the 9th time, but still made a chance for a full out and goodbye, but could not attack, the first breakthrough in 16 years Did not become.