Fears of Zagitova fans and Kihira program

As part of the ice show The Ice, taking place these days in several Japanese cities, the Russian woman Alina Zagitova presented the new short program for the first time. The figure skater cleanly skated the entire number, consisting of steps and triple lutz, but did not include a single cascade in it, which somewhat puzzled her fans. Some of them are still experiencing whether the current world champion will be able to compete with rivals in the upcoming season, and also accuse her of a frivolous approach to training in the offseason.

However, among fans of figure skating there were those who remained enthusiastic about the new program.

“Very piercing and gentle! Finalize and get another masterpiece. I think the first will be the corona cascade. Check in, flip and leave him excellent. Great track. I look forward to the beginning of the season, ”wrote one of the users of social networks.

At the beginning of September in Moscow there will be checklists where most of the representatives of the Russian national team will demonstrate their new numbers for the first time. Among other things, a dancing couple of Alexander Stepanov, Ivan Bukin, is preparing for this performance.

“Now Sasha and Vanya ride an hour a day, they gave them a little rest after a heavy one-and-a-half month’s gathering in Novogorsk. It’s early to say that the programs are polished, but it’s not worth to force - this season will be difficult, however, like everyone else, ”the duo’s coach Alexander Svinin of TASS quoted as saying.

It is already known that Stepanova and Bukin will take part in the first stage of the Grand Prix - Skate America, which will be held in Las Vegas in mid-October. However, according to the pair's mentors, before that they will have another performance in Finland or Slovakia.

As we approach the start of the season-2019/20, foreign skaters also declare their plans for it. So, two-time world champion Nathan Chen presented his short program. In it he will perform under the composition La Boheme of French singer Charles Aznavour.

At the show in Japan, the free program was demonstrated by one and the main rivals of Russian women Rick Kihira. She began her performance with a salchow, followed by a cascade of triple axels. It is assumed that at the official starts the first element will replace the quadruple jump, which will give the Japanese a significant advantage over her rivals.

Reflections Tuktamyshevoy and pets Medvedeva

Meanwhile, world champion 2015 Elizaveta Tutktamysheva continues to reflect on the trends in the development of figure skating. Some time ago, she admitted that she was surprised at the prices for tickets to the competitions, and expressed her gratitude to the fans, who are not deterred from attending tournaments.

This time the Russian woman shared her opinion about the fees of figure skaters. According to her, any athlete would like to earn more, in connection with which the International Union of Skaters, as well as national federations should focus on the experience of the North American sports leagues.

“Our income directly depends on clubs and federations, and without a difference, we are talking about football, basketball or figure skating. The more your sport or league has a TV contract, the greater your audience and earnings, which is logical. For example, in the National Basketball Association (NBA) they do shows every day: even in the off-season it is very hot and interesting. But right now I am talking only about the star weekend, during which the All-Star Game and many different competitions take place: throws from above, three-point throws, skills. So why don't we do the same in figure skating? ”- wrote Tuktamysheva on Instagram.

As an example, she published a mounted video consisting of fragments of performances in which skaters perform jumping elements and audience reactions to basketball tricks during the NBA All-Star Game.

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Interestingly, the opinions of users about the proposal Tuktamysheva divided. Some said that they would gladly have purchased tickets to similar shows, thereby supporting the figure skaters, others said that they would not be interested to look at the performance of the elements outside the full-fledged numbers.

During the break between the training camps, the 2019 Universiade bronze medalist Stanislav Konstantinov attended a football match of the fourth round of the Russian Premier League, in which Zenit and Krasnodar met. Despite a draw, the St. Petersburg native was pleased with both the game itself and the atmosphere at the stadium.

“We went to yesterday's match with dad. Atmosphere - fire! Support - fire! "Zenit", thanks for the fight, "- wrote Konstantinova.

Two-time world champion Evgenia Medvedev continues to prepare for the new season as part of a training group led by Canadian specialist Brian Orser. Most often, she communicates with Moldovan figure skater Lilian Binzarem, which is why even a rumor about their possible romance went online. However, Medvedev refuted it, referring to the young age of Bunzar - he is 15. Later on her Instagram page she published a video on which she sits on a balcony in the company of a guinea pig.

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The purposefulness of Plushenko - the younger and the new achievement of Plushenko - the older

Another domestic athlete in training abroad is the daughter of coach Eteri Tutberidze Diana Davis, who is paired with Gleb Smolkin. At the end of the season 2018/19, the duo moved to the USA to work with Igor Shpilband. The figure skater admitted that the conditions in North America suit her more than in Russia.

“It's even easier for me than in Moscow. Because before I had to get to the rink hour, and now - just go two minutes. The group is very friendly, but rivalry is also present. There are guys who speak Russian. At home, she left before her mother, and when she came, I was already asleep. I call her every day on the video, so, it turns out, we often see each other, ”the Sport Express quotes Davis.

In turn, the double Olympic champion Evgeni Plushenko seriously tunes his son Alexander for future victories. The six-year-old boy, who decided to follow in his father's footsteps, continues to train, even while resting. The ex-skater helps him with this.

“You have to be better than me.” Why? Then why go to sports, stay at home! And if you have the name of Plushenko, then you need to be the best of the best, but otherwise they'll peck! The law of life and sport! ”, - wrote Plushenko - the eldest in social networks.

After completing his professional career, the three-time world champion continues to try himself in new sports. So, he finished second in golf competitions, held on the Italian island of Sardinia. Participants in the tournament were 100 people.

“Well, friends, second place! Cup. This is how we spend our holidays, but also we are competing. Therefore, all the sport, and congratulate me! Thank you very much, we will strive for the first, ”said Plushenko.