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"At the stadium, it is important to feel safe": the football public reacted to the fights of fans with riot police


The Investigative Committee opened a criminal case against a man born in 1994 who is suspected of having deliberately attacked an employee of the Russian Guard under the execution during the match “Zenit” - “Krasnodar”. Against this background, State Duma deputy Dmitry Svishchev and member of the ethics committee of the RFU, Andrei Sozin, expressed the view that the leadership of the RFU and the RPL need to improve cooperation with representatives of the Interior Ministry and the Rosguard in order to prevent new fights between riot police and riot police.

"Deliberately and out of hooliganism strikes a riot police officer"

The start of the new season of the Russian football championship turned out to be quite bright and interesting. Tens of thousands of fans gather for matches, and the teams show a beautiful game. Unfortunately, this picture was clouded by clashes between fans and riot policemen, which have already occurred in two games.

The first in the news chronicle were fans of “Spartacus”, faced with law enforcement officers at the exit from the “Rostov Arena”. Last weekend, a similar incident occurred in St. Petersburg. The conflict between the fans of the blue-white-blue and the staff of the Rosguards broke out during a break in the match with Krasnodar.

According to the results of this fight, a criminal case was initiated under the article on the use of violence against a representative of the authorities.

After carrying out operational investigative activities, a 25-year-old suspect was detained. The investigation claims that the man acted deliberately and, out of hooligan motives, struck the deputy commander of the operational battalion of the special police forces with a foreign object, allegedly a stone. The main administration of the TFR of the Northern Capital joined the investigation of the case. Investigators insist on arresting a suspect.

“According to the investigation, suspected on the evening of August 3, 2019, while on the territory of Gazprom-Arena stadium during a football match, acting deliberately and out of hooliganism, hit the deputy commander of the OMON operative battalion ... who was in the line of duty. The investigation intends to apply for the election of a custodial measure in respect of the suspect, ”the ministry said in a press release.

Meanwhile, the Russian football community is concerned about the increasing frequency of aggressive behavior in the country's stadiums. RPL, RFU, as well as "Spartak" and "Zenith" have already made relevant statements. They talk about the need to work together to prevent such incidents, and also emphasizes the priority task in working with fans - a sports stadium should be a zone of complete comfort and safety for the audience.

After the riots at the Gazprom Arena, a special RPL commission has already been created, headed by league security director Alexander Meitin.

In addition, they were wary of the latest events in the Public Observatory. Human rights activists sent a letter to the President of the RFU Alexander Dyukov with a proposal to establish a working group to monitor the observance of the rights of fans. About this told the responsible secretary of the PMC, Ivan Melnikov.

“The working group will hold meetings with a certain frequency, consider cases of violations of the rights of fans. In particular - incidents with the use of physical force. It is necessary to check the validity of the use of this force. It is necessary that a person, coming to the stadium, feel secure. It is necessary to avoid bending in the field, ”the Sport-Express human rights activist quotes.

“There must be adequacy in action”

On the frequent cases of fights in the Russian stadiums drew attention in the State Duma. Thus, State Duma Deputy Dmitry Svishchev urged not to make hasty conclusions regarding the instigators and perpetrators of the fights in Rostov-on-Don and St. Petersburg, and also appealed to the football authorities with a request to find mutual understanding with representatives of the security forces.

“Unfortunately, the rigidity of law enforcement agencies in relation to the fans is really present. However, you need to know all the nuances in order to make final conclusions, ”Svishchev told RT.

In addition, the parliamentarian stressed that according to the results of recent events, measures should be taken promptly to improve the quality of organizing sports events.

“Everywhere there must be adequacy in action. I'm talking about the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, riot police, fans, and in general about all citizens. If this line is crossed, people will stop letting children go to the stadiums. You need to keep a balance. The stadium should be the safest place in the world, and the police should protect us, not beat the fans with batons, ”the deputy concluded.

In turn, Andrei Sozin, a member of the ethics committee of the RFU, in an interview with RT called for waiting for the results of the official investigation of the events in St. Petersburg. At the same time, he noted that sometimes the number of law enforcement officers at stadiums was unreasonably overstated.

“My opinion: riot police on the stadium is too much. You can do without it. As a spectator, he himself got into unpleasant situations. Long could not get out of the territory of “Luzhniki” after the match CSKA in the Champions League. For some reason, cordoned off all areas. How to get out? A large gathering of troops at the stadium is not the best solution. There are no reasons to drive such a number of fighters, ”the football official noted.

At the same time Sozin said that clubs need to establish interaction with law enforcement officers.

“The decision to enter the same riot police to the stadium is not made by the club. It is unlikely that the same Eugene Giner (president of CSKA. - RT ) asks him to catch up with the fighters, so that they stand on the perimeter of the whole arena. It is important to work together in one direction. It is clear that you can not forbid fans to shout, ignite, behave noisily. Stop it is impossible, it is a lifestyle. However, “killing” each other is also a wrong decision. You just need to send everything in a civilized way, ”admitted the representative of the RFU.

“We need to dismiss people who are engaged in security”

On the events in Rostov-on-Don and St. Petersburg, spoke and former members of the All-Russian Association of fans. So, the ex-vice-president of the organization, Andrey Malosolov, in a conversation with RT, admitted that there was no point in looking for a relationship between the two incidents.

At the same time, a well-known fan of CSKA urged football authorities to take a tougher stance and stand up to defend football fans.

“I do not think that these two clashes are links in one chain. These are rather local problems in the field. Another thing is that the President of the RFU, Alexander Dyukov, must make tough administrative decisions; they must be commensurate with misconduct. At the very least dismiss people who are engaged in security. It is also obvious that there is a need to create a new VOBA - an organization that would not only take on the support of the Russian national team, but also defend the rights of fans, ”explained Malosolov.

Resonant theme attracted the attention of famous sports journalists. For example, Tina Kandelaki, the General Producer of the Match TV Channel, expressed bewilderment at the frequent clashes between fans and law enforcement officers.

“I sincerely do not understand what kind of lesson a rubber baton teaches fans. I have no doubt that working in the midst of conflicts in stadiums and squares is difficult psychologically, ”Kandelaki wrote in her Telegram channel.

In addition, the producer of the country's main sports channel turned to the RFU and stressed that the football ministry showed loyalty, punishing the organizers of the match in Rostov-on-Don. The Don Club received a fine in the amount of 650 thousand rubles and a conditional disqualification of the stadium for two matches for the mass brawl of fans of Spartak with riot police.

“The FTC can now assess the consequences of its connivance in the Rostov incident with riot police. I think all security services should regain their composure, including by removing the hottest heads. Otherwise, the very atmosphere in the stadiums, which the whole world so admired, will finally sink into oblivion, ”Kandelaki emphasized.

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