Valtteri Bottas does not think that his disappointing eighth place in the Grand Prix of Hungary has consequences for his chances for a seat at Mercedes next year. The Finn is already working on a "plan B and plan C" in case he has to leave the German racing stable.

Bottas started second behind Verstappen on the Hungaroring, but suffered damage in the first corners after contact with Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc. The Finn was disappointed by the unnecessary touches.

"I saw the images from the Vettel onboard camera. It was very clear that Leclerc had caught up with me anyway. But he made an unnecessary move and hit my front wing. I am a fan of hard racing and I don't want to complain, but this was very unnecessary and it ruined my race. "

Bottas had to make a pit stop early to get a new nose on his car. After a difficult catch-up race, he finished eighth, taking four World Cup points.

World Cup leader and teammate Hamilton won in Hungary and is now 62 points ahead of Bottas. The Fin sees Max Verstappen approaching to seven points.

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Bottas of Ocon next year next to Hamilton at Mercedes

Earlier in the weekend, Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff announced that he was going to choose between Bottas and reserve driver Esteban Ocon who would be second driver next to Hamilton next year. Despite many rumors, Verstappen is not in the picture to drive at Mercedes next year.

"That my future is not yet certain, does put extra pressure on," Bottas said. "Even if you don't think about it the moment you go down the first corner at the start. You only think about winning and you go full for first place. You have to attack and take risks if you want to win."

After the hectic pace of the first laps, his uncertain future did play a role in the race. "You weigh the risks on the track and in my uncertain situation you don't want to ruin a race. Unfortunately, that happened today, without my fault."

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Bottas has plan B and plan C ready

Still, Bottas stated not to be concerned. "I don't think one race is going to make a difference. I'm working on my best year with Mercedes, that's a much more important fact," said the driver who won twice this year and finished second five times. "I am very strong in qualifying and I have shown good speed in most races."

During the four-week summer break, the Finn celebrates his thirtieth birthday. He hopes to get good news about his future around that time.

If the choice falls on the 22-year-old Ocon, Bottas already has some alternatives. "I want to stay in Formula 1 anyway, so I need a plan B and a plan C. That is being discussed with other teams."

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