In the first Eredivisie round, Sunday after Heracles Almelo-sc Heerenveen (0-4), and Feyenoord-Sparta Rotterdam (2-2), ADO Den Haag-FC Utrecht (4.45 pm) and AZ-Fortuna Sittard (8.00 pm) finished. Follow everything in our live blog.

Good afternoon and welcome to the Eredivisie live blog! My name is Jeroen van Barneveld and I will keep you informed of all developments of the four Eredivisie games this Sunday.

  • Eredivisie
  • Results:
  • Heracles-Heerenveen 0-4
  • Feyenoord-Sparta 2-2
  • LIVE:
  • ADO Utrecht 0-0
  • Program:
  • AZ-Fortuna (8:00 PM)

ADO Den Haag-FC Utrecht · a few seconds ago

8 'The game is standing still in The Hague because of an injury treatment for Adam Maher. The midfielder collided with the jumping ADO striker Tomas Necid.

ADO Den Haag-FC Utrecht · 2 minutes ago

8 'A free opportunity for Justin Lonwijk. Gyrano Kerk keeps the overview and puts it nicely wide at the forefront of FC Utrecht, which is mowing high.

Feyenoord-Sparta Rotterdam · 3 minutes ago

The Feyenoord players are dripping after the 2-2 draw against Sparta Rotterdam.

Feyenoord-Sparta Rotterdam · 4 minutes ago

Stam: 'Need to act more adequately at the back'
Feyenoord coach Jaap Stam does not want to speak of relief after Sam Larsson's late 2-2 in the city derby against Sparta Rotterdam. "Relieved? I am disappointed, must I honestly say," says the debuting coach at FOX Sports . "I am relieved that you make the equalizer at the end, but we have also had the opportunity to decide for ourselves, which unfortunately does not happen. We are not shooting him in the front. We also have to act more appropriately in the back."

ADO Den Haag-FC Utrecht · 9 minutes ago

Kickoff! ADO The Hague FC Utrecht has started.

ADO The Hague-FC Utrecht · 11 minutes ago

The players of ADO Den Haag and FC Utrecht enter the artificial grass field in The Hague for their first Eredivisie match of the season. ADO is missing Abdenasser El Khayati, FC Utrecht is doing without David Jensen (passed).

Feyenoord-Sparta Rotterdam · 15 minutes ago

Disappointment at Lars Veldwijk after Sam Larsson's 2-2. The substitute gave Sparta Rotterdam the lead, but saw the Swede repair the damage on behalf of Feyenoord.

Feyenoord-Sparta Rotterdam · 20 minutes ago

Larsson trivializes draw against Sparta
"It's a long season, we have plenty of time to come back", Sam Larsson trivializes Feyenoord's draw in the city derby against Sparta. The Swede saved a point for Feyenoord with a goal in injury time. "We have to play well on Thursday and win", he refers to the European first game against Dinamo Tbilisi. "We have to finish the opportunities. The team is full of confidence. We believe in ourselves, it's going to be a good season."

Feyenoord-Sparta Rotterdam · 25 minutes ago

31 years ago, traditional top three did not win in round 1
Just like Feyenoord (1-1), Ajax (2-2) and PSV (1-1) lost points yesterday. The only time that the complete traditional top three went wrong in round 1 was in the 1988/89 season. Side note: that season Feyenoord-PSV was already scheduled in round 1 (2-2).

  • Feyenoord - PSV 2-2
  • Fortuna Sittard - Ajax 2-1

Feyenoord-Sparta Rotterdam · 27 minutes ago

Applause rises from Feyenoord's visitors' section. Despite the late equalizer in De Kuip, the fans of Sparta Rotterdam are delighted with the draw at the comeback at the highest level.

ADO The Hague-FC Utrecht · 27 minutes ago

Jensen is missing in FC Utrecht selection
FC Utrecht has something to make up for after the blistering elimination in the second heat of the Europa League by Zrinjski Mostar. What does the team of debuting trainer John van den Brom do at the Eredivisie start against ADO Den Haag from 4.45 pm? In any case, Van den Brom does not panic after the European elimination, because he largely maintains his trusted basic eleven. Only goalkeeper David Jensen is missing in the selection. The reason for his absence is unknown. Maarten Paes replaces him.

Setup ADO Den Haag: Zwinkels; Van Ewijk, Cannon, Beugelsdijk, Meijers; Bakker, Immers, Pinas; Goppel, Necid, Falkenburg.

FC Utrecht set-up: Paes; Klaiber, Janssen, Bergstöm, Guwara; Maher, Van de Streek, Gustafson; Church, Lonwijk, Cerny.

Feyenoord-Sparta Rotterdam · 29 minutes ago

Past! Feyenoord opens the season with a draw against fellow townman Sparta Rotterdam. The Stadionclub avoids defeat at the last minute thanks to a late goal from Sam Larsson. Sparta took the lead through Mohamed Rayhi after an error by Feyenoord goalkeeper Kenneth Vermeer, after which Steven Berghuis still tied the score. From a quick counter Lars Veldwijk Sparta shot 1-2, after which Larsson saved a point.

Feyenoord-Sparta Rotterdam · 31 minutes ago

90 + 5 ' GOAL Feyenoord! 2-2

Feyenoord prevents defeat at home at the last minute. Sam Larsson taps in after a lot of ping-pong for the Sparta goal.

Feyenoord-Sparta Rotterdam · 33 minutes ago

90 + 3 'Time is ticking in favor of Sparta Rotterdam. Feyenoord starts a desperate offensive.

Feyenoord-Sparta Rotterdam · 36 minutes ago

90 'The minimum extra playing time in the second half is six minutes.

Feyenoord-Sparta Rotterdam · 36 minutes ago

90 'Tim Coremans saves! The Sparta goalkeeper taps Steven Berghuis' sharp cross from the right corner.

Feyenoord-Sparta Rotterdam · 38 minutes ago

88 ' Substitute at Feyenoord: Naoufal Bannis comes for the injured Eric Botteghin.

Feyenoord-Sparta Rotterdam · 39 minutes ago

87 'Delay in De Kuip. Eric Botteghin feels his right leg and seems to have an injury.

Feyenoord-Sparta Rotterdam · 43 minutes ago

83 'Luciano Narsingh must make the 2-2 here. Feyenoord launches a smooth attack via St. Juste and Berghuis. The latter makes an excellent advance for Narsingh, but he concedes moderately and aims well.

Feyenoord-Sparta Rotterdam · one hour ago

79 'De Kuip has stopped playing. One of the two linesmen has a broken flag. Fourth official Dieperink offers him a new copy.

Feyenoord-Sparta Rotterdam · one hour ago

75 'Another fifteen minutes to play in De Kuip. Does Feyenoord reverse the 1-2 deficit against Sparta Rotterdam?

Feyenoord-Sparta Rotterdam · one hour ago

74 ' GOAL Sparta Rotterdam! 1-2

Lars Veldwijk does it for Sparta Rotterdam! Sparta goalkeeper Tim Coremans continues the game quickly after a flyout and through multiple discs the ball comes in front of substitute Lars Veldwijk, who beats Feyenoord-keeper Kenneth Vermeer. Feyenoord in trouble.

ADO The Hague-FC Utrecht · one hour ago

Voetbal International reports that David Jensen has been told that after his hesitant action against Zrinjski Mostar he is no longer the first goalkeeper of FC Utrecht. To deal with that disappointment, he was given two days off.

Retake. Striking Jensen was given two days off and no longer seems to be the first goalkeeper. #vi

Avatar AuthorStef de BontMoment of places15: 43 - 4 August 2019

Feyenoord-Sparta Rotterdam · one hour ago

66 ' GOAL Feyenoord! 1-1

Steven Berghuis immediately listens up his contract extension with a goal. The right winger slips into a Ridgeciano Haps cross.

Feyenoord-Sparta Rotterdam · one hour ago

64 ' Second substitution at Feyenoord: Dylan Vente is forced to leave with an injury, Luciano Narsingh replaces him and makes his debut for Feyenoord.

Feyenoord-Sparta Rotterdam · one hour ago

63 'Dylan Vente sits down, and that is not out of luxury. The striker seems to have to be changed. Luciano Narsingh is getting ready for a raid.

Feyenoord-Sparta Rotterdam · one hour ago

62 ' First substitution at Feyenoord: Sam Larsson relieves Luis Sinisterra.

Feyenoord-Sparta Rotterdam · one hour ago

62 'Eric Botteghin receives a yellow card, who is struggling with Sparta-substitute Lars Veldwijk.

Feyenoord-Sparta Rotterdam · one hour ago

60 'Steven Berghuis fails to level Feyenoord. The attacker walks away from Adil Auassar's back and heads completely free-standing on the post.

Feyenoord-Sparta Rotterdam · one hour ago

59 'Tim Coremans distinguishes himself with a great save on the shot by Ridgeciano Haps. Feyenoord insists.

Feyenoord-Sparta Rotterdam · one hour ago

50 ' GOAL Sparta Rotterdam! 0-1

What does Kenneth Vermeer do? Mohamed Rayhi's shot seems to be tenable, but Feyenoord's goalkeeper sinks slowly and cannot prevent Sparta Rotterdam's goal. Feyenoord must be pursued.

Feyenoord-Sparta Rotterdam · one hour ago

Kickoff! The ball rolls again in De Kuip for the second half of Feyenoord-Sparta Rotterdam. Both trainers have not changed.

Feyenoord-Sparta Rotterdam · 2 hours ago

Peace! Feyenoord and Sparta Rotterdam do not score in the first half, despite multiple chances for both teams. Feyenoord hit the post via Orkun Kökcü.

Feyenoord-Sparta Rotterdam · 2 hours ago

40 'Feyenoord claims a penalty, but Dylan Vente's shot is touched by the chest by Sparta defender Bart Vriends, not by the arm. The VAR agrees.

Feyenoord-Sparta Rotterdam · 2 hours ago

38 'Luis Sinisterra towers above the Sparta defense, but the Colombian left winger of Feyenoord is still a few centimeters short to reach a header.

Feyenoord-Sparta Rotterdam · 2 hours ago

37 'Is this a penalty for Sparta? Abdou Harroui is knocked to the ground in the penalty area of ​​Feyenoord. Yet VAR Kamphuis sees nothing in it.

Feyenoord-Sparta Rotterdam · 2 hours ago

35 'PhD student Sparta Rotterdam is fiercely opposed to Feyenoord, which cannot make a fist after a stormy opening phase. Will goals be scored in De Kuip before the break?

Feyenoord-Sparta Rotterdam · 2 hours ago

28 'What an opportunity for Orkun Kökcü! The midfielder is given a free chance of shooting at the level of the penalty area and is aiming just wide. He should have done more with this.

Feyenoord-Sparta Rotterdam · 2 hours ago

25 'A bulky promotion by Leroy Fer. The midfielder of Feyenoord is far too late with his sliding and hits Dirk Abels hard in his chest.

Feyenoord-Sparta Rotterdam · 2 hours ago

Feyenoord dictates the game in the Rotterdam Kuip, but it is Sparta that has the chances. The audience starts to get impatient after twenty minutes.

Feyenoord-Sparta Rotterdam · 2 hours ago

Leroy Fer is not yet popular among some of the Feyenoord fans. In addition to a banner 'We do not have Fergeten', there is also 'Fergeten, but not Fergeten' in De Kuip.

Feyenoord-Sparta Rotterdam · 2 hours ago

16 'Another chance for Sparta Rotterdam. Bart Vriends heads in from a corner, Kenneth Vermeer keeps his goal clean with great difficulty.

Feyenoord-Sparta Rotterdam · 2 hours ago

15 'Halil Dervisoglu is killing a nice dropout from Sparta Rotterdam. The striker broke through after a nice action and ditto by Ragnar Ache, but he waited too long with a sequel and lost the ball.

Feyenoord-Sparta Rotterdam · 2 hours ago

11 'Steven Berghuis sees that Sparta goalkeeper Tim Coremans is far in front of his goal and hits the center line. The ball goes a meter wide.

Heracles Almelo-sc Heerenveen · 2 hours ago

Quote of the day ... From Frank Wormuth: "Poor chicken, he wanted to eat grass, but he couldn't." #heracles #kunstgras #kipophetveld #erveasito

Avatar Author Fardau Wagenaar Moment of places 14: 35 - 4 August 2019

Feyenoord-Sparta Rotterdam · 2 hours ago

5 ' Post! Feyenoord insists immediately! Orkun Kökcü shoots from the edge of the penalty area and via the glove of Sparta goalkeeper Coremans the ball lands on the inside of the post.

Feyenoord-Sparta Rotterdam · 2 hours ago

4 'What a chance for Feyenoord! Sinisterra and Haps combine beautifully and the former serves Dylan Vente, who mows the ball at the time of printing.

Feyenoord-Sparta Rotterdam · 2 hours ago

3 'Feyenoord plays with mourning bands due to the death of former trainer Gunder Bengtsson (1989-1991). He turned 73.

Feyenoord-Sparta Rotterdam · 2 hours ago

Kickoff! The ball rolls in the Rotterdam Kuip. Feyenoord-Sparta Rotterdam has started.

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