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“Missed the ball - a curious episode”: what did the coaches say after the match “Zenit” - “Krasnodar”


You should not think that Malcolm alone will decide the outcomes of all matches. This was after a meeting with "Krasnodar", said Zenit head coach Sergei Semak. He also told whether the author of the auto-goal Douglas Santos would be subject to sanctions and admitted that he was not completely satisfied with the result. At the same time, southerner mentor Sergey Matveyev commented on the controversial episode in front of Artem Dziuba’s goal and shared his opinion on Remi Cabell’s debut.

"It is difficult to say that they played at 100%"

At the end of the central match of the fourth round of the Russian Premier League (RPL), the mentors of Zenit and Krasnodar answered questions from journalists. Krasnodar’s head coach Sergey Matveev, who traditionally replaces Murad Musayev at press conferences, was the first to come out to the media representatives nominally. The specialist evaluated the fairness of the result, spoke about the newcomer of the team Remi Cabell and shared his opinion about the meeting with Porto in the Champions League qualifying tournament.

- How do you rate the performance of "Krasnodar" in the last match?

- Probably, it makes sense to consider the game of the team for each half separately. The first was better, and the second - worse. The final draw is more than a fair result. You saw that Zenit was dominating, hoping that with the release of Berg, everything would change. We do not feel tired. A draw with the champion of the country is a good result.

- In the first half, Uros Spayic saved his goal after a dangerous strike by Jaroslav Rakytskyy from a penalty. The fact that the defender was located on the "ribbon" - homework?

- Yes, I tried this option in training. It worked.

- Why did Tony Vilena act closer to the right edge?

- So it was intended. He was to be located to the right of Ruslan Kambolov, to help him. In turn, Remy Cabella took the place on the left and interacted well with Younes Namli.

“Does the physical form of Cabella cause you concern?”

- He is in good shape. Until now, he spent 75 minutes for Saint-Etienne. His entering the field was not risky.

- In your opinion, Branislav Ivanovich violated the rules on Vilena in the episode with the return goal of Zenit?

- Did not watch the replay of this moment. So I can not comment on this.

- Is it possible to call the match with Zenit a rehearsal before the battle with Porto in the Champions League qualification?

- In the game with the champion of the country is difficult to simulate something. It turned out how it happened. We will meet with a strong contender. In this regard, the match with Zenit was useful.

- In the offseason, the composition of the “Krasnodar” has undergone major changes. Did the teams manage to play for the last four rounds?

- It is difficult to say that they played at 100%. But you can definitely say that we are moving forward.

- “Krasnodar” somehow especially prepared for the appearance on the field of the ex-striker “Barcelona” Malcolm?

- It was considered that the Brazilian may appear as a substitute, but there were no specific preparations for it.

"I can not say that I am satisfied with the result"

Unlike his counterpart, the head coach of the current champions of Russia was not satisfied with the outcome of the fourth round meeting. Sergei Semak answered questions about the debut of ex-football player Barcelona “Malcom, told why Douglas Santos stepped on an unusual right flank of the defense, and also commented on the possible sale of Slovak midfielder Robert Mac.

- What are your impressions of the match with Krasnodar?

- In the first half was a cautious game. We gave the opponent a long time to control the ball. At the same time, they practically did not allow him to create dangerous moments at the gate, but they themselves acted sharply. In the second half we missed a funny goal, but played in the very ending. No doubt this is good, but I cannot say that I am satisfied with the result.

- Why was this match so different in content to the one that took place in the second round of last season?

- Games add up differently. Both teams acted with discipline and with an eye to defense, there were few gaps between the lines.

- How to evaluate the performance of their wards?

- I liked how we played in the defense. As for the attack, the first 45 minutes were not so bright. Then everything got much better.

- Why did Douglas Santos come to the right flank of the defense?

- Denis Terentyev was injured, and Igor Smolnikov missed too much time, and on the eve of this meeting he trained only for two days. There was only one way out of the situation. For Santos it was not difficult to close this position. And the missed ball is a curious episode. This happens sometimes.

- What do they do with a football player who becomes the author of such an own goal?

- Absolutely nothing. It can happen to anyone. We need to score more and such a funny episode will not affect the outcome of the meeting.

- Considered the option of using Alexey Sutormin in this position?

- For him, the role of defender is not quite familiar, he is an attacking player. It's one thing to act on the flank in the top five of the defenders, the other is in the top four.

- Was it worth the time to release Malcolm?

- We perfectly understand that he needs to get in shape and feel the atmosphere of the stadium. We gave him as much time as we thought fit. He needs to train and play. I think he will add and look better. This is a young football player. Do not think that Malcolm alone will decide the outcome of all matches. He has good qualities, perspective.

- In the run-up to the meeting, you said that you should win Krasnodar. Who exactly?

- Fans, club. But not always everything works. Today the match ended in a draw.

- In the end Branislav Ivanovich went on the attack. How to evaluate his actions in the attack?

- Positive. We risked, we needed to put pressure on our opponent. It is always better when there is one more player ahead.

- Robert Mack did not get into the application for the match with Krasnodar. Does this mean that he will soon leave the club?

- Due to illness, Mack has not conducted a single workout with the team. I cannot say anything about the future. Currently, Robert is in the hospital.

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