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Reactions after Djokovic victory in the thrilling Wimbledon final


Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic started the Wimbledon final at 3 p.m. Follow the cracker in this live blog.

Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic started the Wimbledon final at 3 p.m. Follow the cracker in this live blog.

Good afternoon! My name is Lennart Klem and in this live blog we will keep you informed about the men's final at Wimbledon!

  • Djokovic wins Wimbledon
  • Djokovic Federer 3-2
  • Score: 7-6, 1-6, 7-6, 4-6, 12-12 (3)

Wimbledon · one minute ago

Djokovic beats Federer in legendary final
Novak Djokovic wins Wimbledon for the fifth time. The Serbian survives two match points against Roger Federer and is ultimately too strong for the Swiss in an unprecedented five-setter: 7-6 (5), 1-6, 7-6 (4), 4-6 and 13-12 (7-3) ).

DJOKOVIC WINS AN EPIC WIMBLEDON FINAL ūüŹÜIt's 5‚É£ @Wimbledon titles for @DjokerNole ūüôĆ

Avatar AuthorATP TourMoment of places20: 08 - 14 July 2019

Wimbledon · 2 minutes ago

It is over! NOVAK DJOKOVIC WINS WIMBLEDON! Federer misses the forehand and here is the fifth title for Djokovic at Wimbledon.

Wimbledon · 3 minutes ago

Great moment. We get a let, because the call from the line judge came after the miss of Federer. Djokovic had the challenge right.

Wimbledon · 4 minutes ago

6-3 Djokovic! The forehand straight goes well and there are three match points for the Serbian!

Wimbledon · 5 minutes ago

5-3 Djokovic. The Servier chooses the right angle with a tight forehand and is now very close.

Wimbledon · 6 minutes ago

4-3 Djokovic. The Serbian makes a return and so Federer is still alive.

Wimbledon · 7 minutes ago

4-2 Djokovic. The drop shot from Federer is good, while Djokovic goes down. The Serbian can continue as usual.

Wimbledon · 8 minutes ago

4-1 Djokovic! Another mistake with Federer's forehand. The Serbian takes a good distance. Federer will now serve twice ...

Wimbledon · 9 minutes ago

3-1 Djokovic. Federer hits the ball again and the Serbian really has the advantage.

Wimbledon · 9 minutes ago

2-1 Djokovic. Federer puts a volley outside the court and there is a mini break for the Serbian.

Wimbledon · 10 minutes ago

1-1. Federer hits the ball on line and comes alongside.

Wimbledon · 11 minutes ago

1-0 Djokovic. Federer hits the ball.

Wimbledon · 12 minutes ago

12-12! We get the decisive tiebreak in this fifth set. This is a 'normal' tiebreak.

Wimbledon · 12 minutes ago

40-0! The tiebreak seems to be coming. It is unprecedented ...

Wimbledon · 12 minutes ago

30-0. Federer comes to the net and finishes off with a sharp volley.

Wimbledon · 13 minutes ago

15-0. Djokovic places the ball behind the ball.

Wimbledon · 13 minutes ago

Federer is going to serve. The Swiss must win the game to force a decisive tiebreak.

Wimbledon · 14 minutes ago

Game Djokovic! Another mistake by Federer and so it becomes 12-11 for Djokovic. We get the last storage turn now, from the Swiss. It will be 12-12 (decisive tiebreak) or 13-11 for Djokovic ...

Wimbledon · 15 minutes ago

A-40 Djokovic! The Serbian dominates this rally and Federer hits the ball.

Wimbledon · 16 minutes ago

Deuce! Djokovic searches for the attack and outsmarts Federer at the net. It's 40-40 again.

Wimbledon · 16 minutes ago

Chance of Federer! Djokovic requests a challenge, but the ball from Federer is good. Another chance for the Swiss on 11-12 ...

Wimbledon · 18 minutes ago

Deuce! Djokovic has almost everything, but Federer drags the point. What a great tennis at the Center Court.

Wimbledon · 18 minutes ago

A-40 Djokovic! The return of Federer goes out and now Djokovic gets a chance on 12-11.

Wimbledon · 19 minutes ago

Deuce! Federer passes Djokovic, but the ball just goes out: 40-40.

Wimbledon · 20 minutes ago

Chance of Federer! A challenge from the Swiss is rewarded. He benefits from an 11-11 score after a forehand on the line.

Wimbledon · 21 minutes ago

Deuce! Djokovic already seemed to have the game, but Federer took the initiative and made it 40-40.

Wimbledon · 22 minutes ago

40-30. Federer does a second service well and does not give up this game yet.

Wimbledon · 23 minutes ago

40-15. Djokovic hits the ball with his backhand.

Wimbledon · 23 minutes ago

40-0. Djokovic on the verge of a 12-11 lead.

Wimbledon · 24 minutes ago

This set takes a while, indeed ...

100 minutes on the clock for this deciding set ... #Wimbledon

Avatar Author Wimbledon Moment of Places 19: 46 - July 14, 2019

Wimbledon · 24 minutes ago

30-0. Djokovic plays strong in this game and takes a lead.

Wimbledon · 24 minutes ago

Both men can serve one more time, then a tiebreak follows. Djokovic starts and arrives at 15-0.

Wimbledon · 25 minutes ago

Game Federer! Djokovic's return goes out and that's 11-11!

Wimbledon · 25 minutes ago

40-15. Federer pushes on after good service. It's almost 11-11 ...

Wimbledon · 26 minutes ago

30-15. Djokovic goes wrong with a second service from Federer.

Wimbledon · 26 minutes ago

15-15. Now Federer's backhand is successful and Djokovic hits the ball.

Wimbledon · 26 minutes ago

The end of the party is now really in sight. The audience is enjoying themselves to the full.

Wimbledon · 27 minutes ago

0-15. Miss for Federer.

Wimbledon · 28 minutes ago

And what kind of ...

The second-longest singles final in our history. #Wimbledon

Avatar Author Wimbledon Moment of Places 19: 40 - July 14, 2019

Wimbledon · 28 minutes ago

Game Djokovic! The Serb seizes the game anyway and takes an 11-10 lead.

Wimbledon · 29 minutes ago

40-30. Federer takes some risk on Djokovic's second service, but the return is out. Game point for the Serbian.

Wimbledon · 29 minutes ago

30-30. Now a miss with his forehand. The tension rises. Can Federer strike?

Wimbledon · 30 minutes ago

30-15. A return from Federer goes out. Djokovic leads again.

Wimbledon · 31 minutes ago

15-15. Djokovic misses again with his backhand.

Wimbledon · 31 minutes ago

15-0. An ace from Djokovic gives him the lead.

Wimbledon · 31 minutes ago

Game Federer! It is 10-10. We still play a maximum of four games and then a tiebreak follows. Djokovic will serve again.

Wimbledon · 32 minutes ago

40-15. A lob from Djokovic goes out. It's almost 10-10 ...

Wimbledon · 32 minutes ago

30-15. But good service gives the Swiss a head start in this twentieth (!) Game.

Wimbledon · 33 minutes ago

15-15. A Federer forehand only just goes out.

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