“I have dreamed about such matches since childhood”

Meetings of Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic in the Wimbledon final without exaggeration waited for the entire tennis world. Both athletes, in turn, confidently moved towards this match, leaving almost no chance to their rivals. A Serb lost only two sets during the tournament, while the Swiss lost three.

At the same time in the semifinals, Federer met with another eminent contender, Rafael Nadal, but was stronger and became the oldest finalist of the Grand Slam Tournaments in the last 45 years.

However, the favorite in the final was not Roger, but defending Djokovic. The first racket of the planet intended to win the second major of the year and win Wimbledon for the fifth time. At the same time Novak recognized the strength of the opponent.

“We all know that Federer is good everywhere, especially on grass. This cover cool complements his game. He likes to act quickly, to deprive rivals of time to think, to make them constantly in a hurry. For players like Nadal, who need more time, this creates difficulties. For two years in a row I played epic finals at Wimbledon with Roger. Therefore, I know what to expect. I'm going to fight and do everything for the title. This is the Wimbledon final. I dreamed of such matches since childhood, ”the Championship league tennis player quotes.

On the side of the Serb was the statistics of personal meetings. He scored 27 victories over 22 defeats. And twice in a row Djokovic beat Federer in the Wimbledon final. This happened in 2014 and 2015.

Three tiebreaks and missed chances for Federer

As a result, the tennis players expectedly presented the fans with a magnificent spectacle and held an exciting five-set thriller match.

In the first installment it came to a tiebreaker. Opponents confidently took their pitch, and one break-point was only from Federer in the third game. Roger also forced his opponent to be nervous when the score was 5-4 in his favor. However, the Swiss failed to finish the first racket of the world, and the athletes had to play a tie-break. In it, one or another tennis player went forward, but luck eventually smiled at Djokovic.

However, the Serb spent too much power on this victory and frankly failed the next batch. Federer immediately managed to make a break, followed by another, after which the fate of the set became clear. Djokovic also made too many mistakes and as a result took only one game.

In the third set, Novak managed to get together, but he still had a very difficult time, as Federer walked around the site superbly and practically did not make mistakes on his serve. Immediately three games he won by zero. And with the score 5-4 in his favor, Roger earned a setball, but failed to realize it.

In the end, the rivals finished playing the tiebreak again, on which Djokovic was again stronger. However, Federer can only blame himself for defeat, because at the start of the tiebreak he made three mistakes in a row with his left hand in a row.

But in the next game luck finally smiled on the Swiss. Already in the fifth game, he made a break, and then another. Novak at this moment frankly "swam", but still managed to complicate the life of the opponent and did not allow him to confidently apply for the set with the score 5: 2. At this point, the Serb managed to make the first break in the match. But Federer still managed to finish the job.

The last set turned out to be a real work of tennis art. Opponents did not want to give in and fought hard. In the third game, Federer managed to recoup from three break-ponts. But in the sixth, Djokovic still took the opponent's pitch and got excellent chances to win.

But at the cost of incredible effort, Federer made a reverse break. More rivals themselves such mistakes did not allow and went beyond the usual set.

But in the 15th game, Roger took the opponent's service and could put a spectacular finish in this match. Not only that, the Swiss had two set points, but Djokovic managed to play them and make a break himself.

As a result, it came to the first ever Wimbledon finals of a tie-break in the deciding set. But in her struggle again failed. Federer made too many mistakes and gave the title Serb. Djokovic managed to win all three tie-breaks of the final standoff.

Thus, he won in the 16th Grand Slam tournament in his career and on this indicator came close to Rafael Nadal. But Federer missed the opportunity to update his record.

But one new achievement on the basis of the match has already been established. The meeting was the longest in the history of Wimbledon - 4 hours and 48 minutes.