Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic will face each other in the Wimbledon final from 3 p.m. Follow the cracker in this live blog.

Good afternoon! My name is Lennart Klem and in this live blog we will keep you informed about the men's final at Wimbledon!

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Wimbledon · a few seconds ago

Game Djokovic! The Serbian comes on the scoreboard in this second set, but the backlog is still considerable: 1-4 Federer.

Wimbledon · 4 minutes ago

Game Federer! It even becomes 0-4 in this second set for the eight-time champion.

Wimbledon · 7 minutes ago

The number one in the world just doesn't have it. He made six errors in the entire first set, but now (after three games) the counter is already at four.

Wimbledon · 8 minutes ago

Double break Federer! The Swiss is up and running after a 0-3 lead in the second company. What is the matter with Djokovic?

Wimbledon · 9 minutes ago

Well. Another big miss from Djokovic on the net. Federer comes on 0-40 and gets three chances to break .

Wimbledon · 10 minutes ago

Djokovic won the first set, but seems to be upset, because Federer comes to 0-30 after some mistakes.

Wimbledon · 11 minutes ago

Game Federer! The Swiss will cash in on the break by keeping its own service: 0-2.

Wimbledon · 12 minutes ago

Djokovic is now firmly committed to Federer's service: 30-30.

Wimbledon · 14 minutes ago

Break Federer! The number three in the world strikes immediately and snaps Djokovic's service: 0-1.

Wimbledon · 15 minutes ago

Federer break opportunities! The Swiss does not seem to be upset and starts well with the second set. Can he strike? (15-40)

Wimbledon · 17 minutes ago

We continue quickly with the second set, after more than an hour of playing. Djokovic serves ...

Wimbledon · 18 minutes ago

The defending champion strikes first ... @DjokerNole wins the tie-break 7-5 #Wimbledon opening set

Avatar AuthorWimbledonMoment of places16: 09 - 14 July 2019

Wimbledon · 19 minutes ago

Djokovic set! Federer goes wrong again and so the number one in the world comes to 1-0 in sets. He wins the tiebreak 7-5.

Wimbledon · 20 minutes ago

Djokovic set point! Federer hits the ball and the Serbian gets a chance to take the set. Federer is going to serve.

Wimbledon · 20 minutes ago

5-5 after a miss from Federer. Who comes at set point? Djokovic serves ...

Wimbledon · 21 minutes ago

Both players grab a point and so Federer leads 4-5. Djokovic can now serve twice.

Wimbledon · 22 minutes ago

And the Swiss pushes on! Djokovic outsmarts a pass on the line. Federer now leads with 3-4.

Wimbledon · 23 minutes ago

Federer takes the mini break back and takes 3-3. The tiebreak is also very exciting.

Wimbledon · 25 minutes ago

Minibeak Djokovic! Federer makes another mistake and the Serbian takes the lead: 3-1.

Wimbledon · 25 minutes ago

Djokovic escapes at the start of this tiebreak. Federer gets chances for a mini break, but beats himself. The Serbian leads with 2-1.

Wimbledon · 29 minutes ago

Tiebreak! Djokovic withstands his last service game from this first set and takes 6-6. Who will take this exciting first set?

Wimbledon · 29 minutes ago

It seems to be a tiebreaker, because Djokovic is 30-0 due to a few good points.

Wimbledon · 31 minutes ago

Djokovic hits the ball and so Federer comes 5-6 in the first set. Will there be a tiebreak or will the opening set go to the Swiss with 5-7?

Wimbledon · 32 minutes ago

Federer's double error and we go to deuce on 5-5 in set one.

Wimbledon · 33 minutes ago

Federer is also coming out of trouble (for the time being): 40-30.

Wimbledon · 34 minutes ago

Djokovic punishes a mistake by Federer and so it becomes 15-30 on the service of the Swiss.

Wimbledon · 36 minutes ago

Now two errors from Federer, as a result of which Djokovic again comes next to the Swiss: 5-5.

Wimbledon · 37 minutes ago

A double error by Djokovic leads to 40-40. The tension can be felt at the Center Court.

Wimbledon · 39 minutes ago

Two good stores of Djokovic, making it 30-30. The important points are now being played ...

Wimbledon · 40 minutes ago

Two Federer dropshots bring the Swiss to 0-30 (4-5 lead). Djokovic is in trouble ...

Wimbledon · 43 minutes ago

Federer scores 4-5 with an ace. Djokovic cannot afford to lose any service in this set.

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Avatar AuthorWimbledonMoment of places15: 40 - July 14, 2019

Wimbledon · one hour ago

But despite that, Djokovic comes alongside again. The Serbian makes it 4-4. We are approaching the denouement of this set.

Wimbledon · one hour ago

The first service percentage of both men is considerably different. Djokovic has 42 percent, while Federer sits at 76 percent.

Wimbledon · one hour ago

Game Federer! A good service from the Swiss, which varies considerably with its stores. It becomes 3-4 for the eight-time champion.

Wimbledon · one hour ago

Game Djokovic! This time no problems for the number one in the world on our own service. He makes it 3-3.

Wimbledon · one hour ago

No breaks yet after five games, although Federer already got one chance at 1-2 to make it 1-3.

Wimbledon · one hour ago

Game Federer! The Swiss avoids problems with good storage and takes a 2-3 lead in this first set.

Wimbledon · one hour ago

Federer serves well and reaches 40-30 in a minute.

Wimbledon · one hour ago

Two errors now from Federer, bringing Djokovic to 0-30. Can the Serb strike?

Wimbledon · one hour ago

Game Djokovic! The Serbian survives a breakpoint by Federer and 'just' comes to 2-2. The Swiss will serve again ...

Wimbledon · one hour ago

Federer's error. The Swiss gets the chance with his forehand to come to 1-3, but hits the ball. It is deuce again in this fourth game.

Wimbledon · one hour ago

Djokovic hits an ace, but Federer has the challenge right now.

Wimbledon · one hour ago

Break point Federer! Djokovic beats himself on a short sliceball from the Swiss, who can now come to 1-3.

Wimbledon · one hour ago

Djokovic gets two more game points, but Federer stays in the game and makes it deuce for the third time.

Wimbledon · one hour ago

Djokovic came in 40-15, but Federer makes it deuce. Is there more to it for the Swiss or is the Serb 'just' on 2-2?

Wimbledon · one hour ago

Challenges and Federer. That has not been a good combination for years and not today. The first hawkeye does nothing for the Swiss.

Wimbledon · one hour ago

The necessary royals are also present at the Center Court today.

Take your seats ... #Wimbledon

Avatar AuthorWimbledonMoment of places15: 17 - 14 July 2019

Wimbledon · one hour ago

Federer takes the lead again: 1-2. The Swiss serves well, but still has some difficulty with Djokovic in the rally.

Wimbledon · one hour ago

Game Djokovic! The Serbian comes easily to 1-1, after some mistakes by Federer.

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