Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic will face each other in the Wimbledon final from 3 p.m. Follow the cracker in this live blog.

Good afternoon! My name is Lennart Klem and in this live blog we will keep you informed about the men's final at Wimbledon!

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  • Fourth set
  • Djokovic Federer 2-2
  • Score: 7-6, 1-6, 7-6, 4-6

Wimbledon · a few seconds ago

Federer has problems again: 0-30 for Djokovic. The Swiss is under pressure ...

Wimbledon · one minute ago

He is therefore on a 3-2 lead in this fifth set. Federer is going to serve again. No breaks in this last set yet.

Wimbledon · 3 minutes ago

Game Djokovic! Federer hits the ball and the title holder takes a 3-2 lead.

Wimbledon · 3 minutes ago

A-40, Djokovic. Excellent service brings the Serbian to the game point.

Wimbledon · 4 minutes ago

Yes, because it will be deuce! Djokovic again goes wrong: 40-40.

Wimbledon · 4 minutes ago

40-30. Miss of Djokovic. Is this game still really exciting?

Wimbledon · 5 minutes ago

40-15. Djokovic was on his way to a great game, but a nice return from Federer ensures that this game is not over yet.

Wimbledon · 6 minutes ago

30-0 for Djokovic. The Serbian is currently having less trouble with his service and is on his way to a 3-2 lead.

Wimbledon · 7 minutes ago

Game Federer! The Swiss player survives three chances of breaking Djokovic and 'just' comes alongside in this fifth set: 2-2.

Wimbledon · 8 minutes ago

Ace Federer! It's deuce again. Djokovic had no chance at this Swiss store.

Wimbledon · 8 minutes ago

New miss from Federer and there is a new break chance for Djokovic.

Wimbledon · 9 minutes ago

Deuce! Federer also eliminates Djokovic's second chance and that's 40-40 (2-1 Djokovic, fifth set).

Wimbledon · 9 minutes ago

30-40. A miss from Djokovic on Federer's second service. One more chance to break ...

Wimbledon · 10 minutes ago

Break opportunities for Djokovic! Federer hits the ball through the net and there are chances for the Serbian.

Wimbledon · 11 minutes ago

Miss from Federer and 15-30 for Djokovic. Watch out for the Swiss ...

Wimbledon · 11 minutes ago

15-15. Two good stores from Federer, but once the netband was good for Djokovic.

Wimbledon · 13 minutes ago

Game Djokovic. An ace and still good storage provide the Serbian with the game: 2-1.

Wimbledon · 13 minutes ago

Djokovic class: An ace at 40-40. So now benefit the title holder.

Wimbledon · 14 minutes ago

Deuce! A backhand straight from Federer is Djokovic too powerful.

Wimbledon · 15 minutes ago

40-30 Djokovic. The games are incredibly exciting. A moderate return from Federer brings the Serbian to the game point.

Wimbledon · 17 minutes ago

15-15. A double foul by Djokovic, but a fault by Federer provides the provisional tie.

Wimbledon · 18 minutes ago

This final in one photo? Just about:

It's been that kind of final ... #Wimbledon

Avatar AuthorWimbledonMoment of places18: 16 - 14 July 2019

Wimbledon · 18 minutes ago

Game Federer! A good second save from the Swiss and a miss from Djokovic ensure 1-1 in this fifth set.

Wimbledon · 19 minutes ago

40-15 after a new ace from Federer and a nice return from Djokovic.

Wimbledon · 20 minutes ago

30-0 Federer after an ace that just hits the line.

Wimbledon · 21 minutes ago

Game Djokovic! The first game of the fifth set goes to the Serbian, who retains his mark without any problems: 1-0.

Wimbledon · 22 minutes ago

Poor dropshot from Federer and Djokovic is 40-15 in the first game of the fifth set.

Wimbledon · 23 minutes ago

It is certainly a fight at the Center Court in London.

Not without a fight. #Wimbledon

Avatar AuthorWimbledonMoment of places18: 11 - 14 July 2019

Wimbledon · 24 minutes ago

Set five starts! Djokovic is going to serve ...

Wimbledon · 25 minutes ago

Federer takes his time and goes inside. The Swiss often does that just before the start of a fifth set.

Wimbledon · 26 minutes ago

Federer therefore manages to force a decisive set. Who will take the last set and therefore also the title?

Wimbledon · 28 minutes ago

Federer set! (2-2)

There comes a fifth and decisive set, the Swiss wins the fourth company with 4-6.

Wimbledon · 29 minutes ago

Three set points Federer! A miss from Djokovic and so the fifth set is near.

Wimbledon · 29 minutes ago

30-0 Federer. The Swiss needs two more points to win the set.

Wimbledon · 30 minutes ago

Chelsea striker Olivier Giroud is also an attentive spectator in London. Will there be a fifth set? Federer serves ...

Wimbledon · 31 minutes ago

Game Djokovic! The title holder comes back to 4-5. Federer now has another chance to drag the set in on its own service.

Wimbledon · 33 minutes ago

40-0 Djokovic. So it seems to be 4-5 for Federer.

Wimbledon · 34 minutes ago

Break Djokovic! The Serbian gives something back and takes away from the Swiss for the first time in this game. Federer still leads 3-5.

Wimbledon · 35 minutes ago

Break chance Djokovic! Federer goes wrong and there is therefore a new chance for the Serbian.

Wimbledon · 36 minutes ago

Federer grabs the point! After a very long rally, the Swiss takes care of 40-40.

Wimbledon · 37 minutes ago

Break chance Djokovic! The Serbian does not give this set yet, with a beautiful backhand he gets his first break chance of this game.

Wimbledon · 38 minutes ago

30-15 Federer. The Swiss needs two more points to force a fifth set.

Wimbledon · 40 minutes ago

With this miss by Djokovic, it became 2-3 for Federer recently. The Swiss now leads 2-5 and a fifth set is close.

A match of the finest margins 😲 #Wimbledon

Avatar AuthorWimbledonMoment of places17: 53 - July 14, 2019

Wimbledon · 40 minutes ago

Break Federer! A new mistake by Djokovic and the Swiss is 2-5 in the fourth set. He will now serve for the fourth set.

Wimbledon · 42 minutes ago

Federer Break Opportunity! The Swiss tackles the Djokovic stores and is rewarded: 30-40.

Wimbledon · 42 minutes ago

30-30 on the service of Djokovic. The set suddenly goes quickly in the direction of Federer, especially when a new break comes.

Wimbledon · 44 minutes ago

Game Federer! A love game for the number three in the world and so it becomes 2-4 in the fourth set.

Wimbledon · one hour ago

Federer pushes on and comes to 30-0 in this sixth game of the fourth set.

Wimbledon · one hour ago

Break Federer! There is the break for the Swiss after a new miss by Djokovic. Federer leads 2-3.

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