Serena Williams and Simona Halep face each other on Saturday in the Wimbledon final. The final battle at the Center Court in London started at 3 p.m. Follow the final in our live blog.

Good afternoon! My name is Lennart Klem and in this live blog we will keep you informed about the final at Wimbledon with the women!

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Simona Halep with the Wimbledon winning scale:

Simona Halep gana #Wimbledon against Serena Williams con un doble 6-2

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The moment @Simona_Halep became Romania's first ever #Wimbledon singles champion 馃嚪馃嚧

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Simona Halep: "I have never played so well. I have worked so hard for this moment. I cannot explain it, but this is so great. I certainly had stress. It was great to win this prize. It was my mother's dream of winning here someday. That I can do that is really great. I have adjusted my playing style so that I can also win on grass. "

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Serena Williams: "She (Simona Halep, ed.) Played really great today. If a player plays so great, you have to take your hat off. I keep fighting and keep trying. It's great to play here."

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The 27-year-old Halep has received her first Wimbledon title and can hardly believe it.

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It simply wasn't possible for Williams, who didn't have a grip on the final for a second. She loses the Wimbledon final for the fourth time. Last year, too, she had to face a defeat in the final battle. So Williams still has 23 Grand Slam titles, one less than Margaret Court.

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Simona Halep wins Wimbledon for the first time in her career! The Romanian is way too strong for Serena Williams in the final: 6-2 and 6-2. The world's number seven outclasses the American and takes its second Grand Slam title. She can call herself the number four in the world tomorrow.

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There are three competition points for Simona Halep!

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Williams hits the ball and so Halep scores 30-0. The Romanian needs two more points.

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Halep is 15-0.

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Break Halep! 2-5 for the Romanian! She takes Williams's service again and can now serve for the title.

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No. Williams is put under pressure and Halep comes to a breakpoint again.

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Williams eliminates a break chance for Halep and now comes on A-40. Does she make it 3-4?

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Williams fights back and comes to 40-30.

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0-30. Williams makes two mistakes and must now fear a double break.

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Game Halep! The title is coming close for the Romanian, because she keeps her service game and gets a 2-4 lead!

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Break Halep! Oh, Williams. The American has to win the point, but hits a simple ball and the Romanian takes a 2-3 lead.

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Two break opportunities for Halep!

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A cry of joy at Williams, but can she still turn the game around?

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Halep also makes no mistake on its own service. It is still fully balanced in the second company: 2-2.

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Game Williams! The seven-time winner serves a lot better and takes her third love game : 2-1.

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Game Halep! The Romanian cannot be fooled and takes 1-1.

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Williams starts the second company a lot better. She keeps her service and comes to 1-0.

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We are starting the second set! Williams serves ...

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Set Halep! (1-0)

She doesn't relax and so the first set goes to Halep. The Romanian shot out of the starting blocks (0-4) and holds that margin: 2-6.

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Game Williams. This service game also gets the American well. She is still looking at a 2-5 deficit. Halep will serve for set profit.

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Game Halep! No break, but 'just' 1-5 for the Romanian, who has almost finished the first set.

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Even a break chance for Williams, but she doesn't cash it.

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Williams gets a little better, because she is 40-40 in the service game at Halep.

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A dream start for the Romanian. Now the question is whether the first set can also cross the line.

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Game Williams! She picks up her first game of this party. Is there a comeback in it? Halep still leads well in this first set: 1-4.

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0-4! Halep is further away from Williams in this first set and has a double break lead.

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It will have to be a lot better with Williams to be able to win her 24th Grand Slam title.

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Break Halep! The Romanian strikes again at Williams' service and brutally takes a 0-3 lead in the first set. It is not going at all with the American, which has already made seven unnecessary mistakes.

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The rise of both women was beautiful, as we are used to from Wimbledon.

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Halep rumbles on! The Romanian does not give up a single point and simply retains its service for a 0-2 lead. Williams clearly has to get going, because the American makes a lot of mistakes.

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Break Halep! There is also immediately the break for the Romanian. Another mistake by Williams, making it Halep's 0-1.

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Break chance Halep. Williams makes some unnecessary mistakes and so the Romanian can immediately strike.

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Game on!

The Wimbledon final for the women is on its way: Serena Williams-Simona Halep.

Wimbledon 路 one hour ago

Williams has won the tos and starts serving this way. The final is really going to start ...

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With a win, Serena Williams climbs to eighth place in the WTA ranking. The American rises to at least nine. Halep is in fourth place tomorrow, whether she wins today or not. The Romanian therefore passes Kiki Bertens, who is now fifth.

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Williams and Halep are now on the track. They are going to strike first before the final really starts.

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The denouement is approaching ...

#Wimbledon finals weekend - what they're playing for 馃弳

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It will be her fifth Grand Slam final for Halep. Only at Roland Garros in 2018 did she manage to grab the title. As you know, Williams has a much larger list of Grand Slam finals. The American will soon start her 32nd final battle and can take her 24th title.

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Who will win Wimbledon with women today?

  • Serena Williams
  • Simona Halep

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It will be the eleventh time that Williams and Halep face each other. The American triumphed in nine (!) Meetings. The Romanian won only at the 2014 WTA Finals. It will be the second confrontation at Wimbledon. In 2011, Williams was 3-6, 6-2 and 6-1 too strong for Halep.

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Serena Williams is on the London grass for the eleventh time in the final. The American has already won the tournament seven times (2016 for the last time). Halep has been a lot less successful at Wimbledon. The Romanian is in the final for the first time, after reaching the semi-finals in 2014.

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Serena Williams and Simona Halep will be on the run for the women's Wimbledon final in half an hour.

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Thanks! @wimbledon Well done @rogerfederer more to come ... 馃挭馃徎馃槈馃幘

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