In the semi-finals of the men's tournament of Wimbledon, the squatter between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal is in full swing. Follow the party in this live blog.

Good afternoon! My name is Youri Kocken and in this live blog we will keep you up to date with the men's semi-finals at Wimbledon!

  • Wimbledon
  • Semi-finals
  • Results:
  • Federer Nadal 3-1
  • Djokovic Bautista 3-1

Wimbledon 路 a few seconds ago

Thanks to his victory over Nadal, Federer is the second player to be in the final of the same Grand Slam tournament for the twelfth time. Nadal previously succeeded at Roland Garros there.

Tennis馃幘 - Roger Federer馃嚚馃嚟 will become the second man to contest the singles final or a specific Grand Slam at least 12 times, after Rafael Nadal (12) at the French Open. #Wimbledon # SW19

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Wimbledon 路 2 minutes ago

Federer: "Important points fell my way"
Roger Federer had to go deep against Rafael Nadal. "I am exhausted", the Swiss acknowledges after his victory. "I had to fight to the end. Rafa played an incredibly good game, but the most important points fell my way. I am very happy with it."

Wimbledon 路 5 minutes ago

The moment @rogerfederer reached his 12th #Wimbledon final ...

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Wimbledon 路 5 minutes ago

Wimbledon finals Roger Federer: 2003 42004 馃弳2005 馃弳2006 馃弳2007 馃弳20082009 馃弳2012 馃弳201420152017 馃弳2019

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Wimbledon 路 8 minutes ago

One of the great @rogerfederer performances at #WimbledonThe Swiss will contest at 12th singles final at The Championships after defeating Rafael Nadal 7-6 (3), 1-6, 6-3, 6-4

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Wimbledon 路 9 minutes ago

Game, set & match Federer!

Now it is right. Roger Federer beats Rafael Nadal in four sets: 7-6 (3), 1-6, 6-3 and 6-4. In the final, the Swiss will face Novak Djokovic.

Wimbledon 路 9 minutes ago

There is the fifth match point for Federer. Does he strike now?

Wimbledon 路 10 minutes ago

Wow, what a beautiful backhand from Nadal! With this he again survives a match point.

Wimbledon 路 11 minutes ago

Federer returns to match point with an ace.

Wimbledon 路 11 minutes ago

What an amazing rally! Nadal keeps fighting and the match point is eliminated.

Wimbledon 路 12 minutes ago

Federer will reach match point on his own service via a beautiful volley.

Wimbledon 路 13 minutes ago

Nadal hits the ball in the net in a nice rally, as a result of which Federer survives the breakpoint and comes to deuce .

Wimbledon 路 14 minutes ago

What a miss! Federer smashes far out, giving Nadal a breakpoint.

Wimbledon 路 15 minutes ago

Partly thanks to an ace, Federer takes a 30-15 lead.

Wimbledon 路 18 minutes ago

Nadal retains his service with great difficulty and comes back to 4-5. Federer can now serve for the competition.

Wimbledon 路 20 minutes ago

Nadal also survives this match point thanks to a strong service.

Wimbledon 路 21 minutes ago

Another match point for Federer! Does the Swiss strike now?

Wimbledon 路 22 minutes ago

With an excellent service, Nadal eliminates the match point. Then the Spaniard comes again thanks to a strong surcharge.

Wimbledon 路 23 minutes ago

Matchpoint Federer! Thanks to a great return, he gets his first chance to decide the match.

Wimbledon 路 25 minutes ago

Federer brings the score with a nice winner on deuce, which means he needs two more points for the win.

Wimbledon 路 29 minutes ago

Federer simply pulls his service game to himself and is one set away from the win.

Wimbledon 路 29 minutes ago

Sir Alex Ferguson is still sitting in the stands and sees, among other things, a beautiful volley from Federer.

Wimbledon 路 32 minutes ago

Nadal continues to fight for what he is worth and thanks to two good services he brings his back to 3-4.

Wimbledon 路 36 minutes ago

Federer wins the following three points and ultimately retains his service game easily. With a 4-2 lead, he is still two games away from a final spot.

Wimbledon 路 37 minutes ago

What a beautiful point! Nadal wins the longest rally of the game (26 points) and is 15-30 ahead of Federer's service.

Wimbledon 路 39 minutes ago

With a percentage of 29 percent, the first service from Nadal is not going very well, but he is now attracting his service game without problems.

Wimbledon 路 43 minutes ago

Where Nadal has a lot of trouble with his service, Federer's storage is going very well. He takes the fourth game on love and is 3-1 ahead.

Wimbledon 路 one hour ago

Break Federer!

Thanks to a ball in Nadal's net, Federer forces the first break in the fourth set. The Swiss now leads with 2-1.

Wimbledon 路 one hour ago

Nadal eliminates the first breakpoint with a great backhand. Will Federer strike on the second breakpoint?

Wimbledon 路 one hour ago

Two breakpoints for Federer! With a nice forehand he arrives at 15-40 on the service of Nadal.

Wimbledon 路 one hour ago

The audience is again spoiled with beautiful volys and beautiful winners. Federer retains his service without too many problems and comes in 1-1 in the fourth set.

Wimbledon 路 one hour ago

Nadal has to fight for it, but he wins the first service game despite his third double error of the game.

Wimbledon 路 one hour ago

The statistics of the third set show that Federer has his game under control again. He hits fifteen winners and only makes two unnecessary mistakes.

Wimbledon 路 one hour ago

Federer is one more set away from his 31st Grand Slam final in his career.

One step closer to a 31st Grand Slam final ... @RogerFederer takes the lead after winning the third set 6-3 #Wimbledon

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Wimbledon 路 one hour ago

Federer set! (2-1)

The Swiss strikes immediately at his first set point. Thanks to an unnecessary error by Nadal, he wins the ninth game on love and pulls the set to 6-3. The twenty-fold Grand Slam winner now leads 2-1 in sets.

Wimbledon 路 one hour ago

Federer scores 40-0 via a beautiful backhand along the line, giving him three set points.

Wimbledon 路 one hour ago

Nadal holds on and reduces his deficit to 3-5. Federer can now serve for a 2-1 lead in sets.

Wimbledon 路 one hour ago

Nadal traps 0-30 behind, but also prevents an set-up against him due to an ace.

Wimbledon 路 one hour ago

Partly thanks to his eleventh ace of the party, Federer takes a 5-2 lead. Nadal must now retain his service to stay in the set.

Wimbledon 路 one hour ago

Nadal crawls through the eye of the needle in the third set. He survives two break points and returns to 2-4 via four points in a row.

Wimbledon 路 one hour ago

What a wonderful point from Federer! Via a beautiful volley he reaches 0-30 at the service of Nadal.

Wimbledon 路 one hour ago

Federer has to work hard for it, but ultimately holds onto his break lead. He survives three break points and is 4-1.

Wimbledon 路 one hour ago

In a brilliant rally, Nadal finally hits the ball, leaving Federer to survive the second break point.

Wimbledon 路 one hour ago

Nadal immediately gets the chance to break back. The Spaniard comes on 15-40, but Federer works away the first breakpoint without any problems.

Wimbledon 路 one hour ago

Break Federer!

There is the first break of the third set. Federer seems to be losing the point, but fights back nicely in the rally and then strikes. He now leads 3-1.

Wimbledon 路 one hour ago

Federer gets the first breakpoint of the third set. With a nice winner he comes to the service of Nadal 30-40.

Wimbledon 路 2 hours ago

Both players keep their storage easily for now. Only Nadal in the first three games gives a point on own service.

Wimbledon 路 2 hours ago

Federer has things back in order in the third set. The eight-time Wimbledon winner takes his first service game thanks to three aces on love .

Wimbledon 路 2 hours ago

Nadal set! (1-1)

Federer has already given up the set, which means that Nadal simply takes over the second company: 6-1. The Mallorcan brings the position in balance.

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