Djokovic beats a commendable Bautista and will seek his fifth title

Novak Djokovic overcame the praiseworthy resistance of Roberto Bautista and will play his sixth Wimbledon final on Sunday. The number 1 in the world won by 6-2, 4-6, 6-3 and 6-2,

Novak Djokovic overcame the praiseworthy resistance of Roberto Bautista and will play his sixth Wimbledon final on Sunday. The number 1 in the world won by 6-2, 4-6, 6-3 and 6-2, to Spanish, which next week will return to its best position in the ranking, 13th. Demanding maximum during part of the encounter, Nole ended up finding the way to overcome an opponent who leaves the tournament with all the honors, after two hours and 48 minutes, to the fifth match point . It will be the twenty-fifth final of Djokovic's Grand Slam, which has a total of 15 majors . "He played very well after overcoming the nerves that led him to commit too many mistakes in the first set, he was not overcome by the situation and the stage," he said of Bautista.

Warned by the recent memory of his defeats in Doha and Miami, because of the difficulties that the Spaniard has always created for him, capable of tearing a set from him in each of his three previous matches in Grand Slam tournaments, Djokovic entered the game very awake. . He broke soon, in the second game, and during the first quarter he exhibited part of the tennis that has made him one of the greatest tennis players ever. The stands feared a massacre, hence the first game of Baptist, 3-1, as if a rushed victim were to be treated. Nothing of that. With a tenacity of astonishment, and a risky and precise tennis, the Spaniard overcame the initial flush and made the four-time champion suffer as no other rival had done in the current edition.

Spartan and brave

The defining Djokovic, fast and with arrests to row to one side and another when necessary, began to be diluted by Spartan and brave tennis Bautista, who broke in the second game of the second set and had two balls to be 4-1 and Take out before balancing the game with a ball that the ribbon left dying on the other side of the net. Neither fortune was on the side of Djokovic, who had yielded his serve a point after breaking the string of his racket. There was a lot of physical, technical and tactical work imposed by Bautista, very difficult to dismantle. Nole set out on more than one occasion the best version of the parallel reverse with the right crossed ahead, finishing the sequence with a volley. Bobbin lace, come on.

The Balkan was seen a lot by the network, and did not always select their approaches with the proper criteria. It was difficult for him to withstand the obstinate exchanges from the bottom, he was cornered in the backhand zone, prisoner of the metallurgical conception of Castellón tennis. It was in the sixth game of the third set after putting in the target a great parallel backhand after a profuse dialogue from the lines when he showed his ear to the audience, demanding the applause of those who had seized the Spanish little by little. He was placed 4-2 and had to raise two threats of break then before proclaiming his joy with a shout mark of the house that marked the 5-2.

After signing the partial tecer began to constantly disturb the services of Bautista. At 31 years of age, in his first match at the Central of the All England Club, in his first semifinals of a Grand Slam, against one of the best ever, he had done enough Castellón, who delivered the serve twice before to be fired with the admiration that competitors like him deserve.

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