Barcelona makes official the signing of Antoine Griezmann: the big paripé ends

To the surprise of no one, the lawyer of Antoine Griezmann deposited the 120 million of his clause in the headquarters of LaLiga and the French soccer player will sign with Barcelona for the next ones

To no one's surprise, Antoine Griezmann's lawyer deposited the 120 million clause at the LaLiga headquarters and the French footballer will sign with Barcelona for the next five seasons. Thus ends a surreal and convoluted operation, but also one with the most telegraphed outcome that is remembered. And none of the parties goes especially well stop this soap opera whose first chapters were lived more than a year and a half ago. A long process that has become eternal.

Since Guillermo Amor , responsible for Institutional and Sports Relations of Barça, acknowledged in December 2017 that they had spoken with the player's environment to sign him, the club has not been reluctant to bargain with a football player with a contract with a direct rival. All this exploded in the face with the famous (for better or for worse) 'The decision', that documentary produced for months by Gerard Piqué in which the French announced ... he was staying at Atleti. A humiliation that did not discourage Bartomeu in his decision to sign one of the best players in the world. This Friday he did it, despite the fact that a large part of his squad (starting with Leo Messi ) and his fans do not forgive that televised display for the whole world. Deportivo, Griezmann is an unquestionable signing, but has wounds to close.

And is that his image, playing two bands for months, is very damaged by this vaudeville. A world champion and current Bronze Ball that arrives at a club where it awakens more misgivings than passions and, after five years of great performance, leaves another that could go idol and is banned. The red-and-white fans, who never forgave their flirting audiences with Manchester United two summers ago or who had them in suspense for weeks before announcing 'The Decision', watch the march of one of the best footballers in their history more as a relief What a drama. Griezmann, in his playful conception of life, never quite understood that for many people, Atlético is a very serious thing.

And finishing the trio of actors, accomplice disguised as a victim, the rojiblanco club. Atlético did not want to sell Griezmann in 2018, hence their total offensive, with Simeone and Godín exerting battering rams, to convince him that he will stay another season, with the dream of the Champions League final in the Metropolitan Wanda as an incentive. He did it, but with a price and a pact that guaranteed the outcome that has been lived today. Not that he left the door ajar for the Frenchman to leave now, it was that there was no door. The accounts reveal it: when renewing last summer, the clause went up from 100 to 200 ... but only for a few months. On July 1, it dropped to 120, a price below the market, but which allowed Atleti to sell it for 20 million more than it would have received a year ago. Coincidentally, the same 20 million stratospheric salary with which he convinced Griezmann to stay. Conclusion: the Atleti takes the same benefit and account for another year almost at zero cost with the footballer, who takes a million for a year of extension and ends in the same place. Everything that has happened this season, every negotiation and every pre-agreement, was choreographed since last summer. And Atleti has been conscious, as it shows that it was Gil Marín who, while watching the bulls, announced that Barça was the destination or how prepared the arrival of his substitute had been: Joao Félix .

That's why Griezmann was (slightly) surprised by the violent statement from Atlético urging him to come to training after Bartomeu acknowledged that they had met with Miguel Ángel Gil to discuss the transfer. Why suddenly become the offended? Simple: to be well before a crowd increasingly angry at what leaked from the negotiations in full course and pressurize a Barca who, rushed before the multimillion-dollar operations underway, intended to pay in installments. Atlético knew that the player would not go, Barça would have to release the 120 to tocateja and Griezmann that this week would be Blaugrana. Everything else was only the last chapter of the great paripé.

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