A judge seizes the president of Cádiz all his actions to avoid "de-tripartizing" the club

The Court of First Instance number 11 of Seville has provisionally seized all the actions of the president of Cádiz, Manuel Vizcaíno. The decision affects all parties

The Court of First Instance number 11 of Seville has provisionally seized all the actions of the president of Cádiz, Manuel Vizcaíno. The decision affects all the shares held by Vizcaíno in the company Locos por el Balón, SL, which in turn controls the majority of the club, and has been agreed to avoid the "de-tripartizing" of the entity. The measure was adopted after the lawsuit filed against the president by the well-known agent of footballers and shareholder of the club, Quique Pina, and prepared by the lawyer Alfonso Contreras.

The legal claim is based on a debt that claims Pina to Vizcaíno amounting to 1,025,000 euros plus interest. This amount comes from a loan requested by the aforementioned company Locos por el Balón, SL, to Doyen, in 2015 for the aforementioned amount to alleviate the lack of liquidity of the club. This loan was not returned by Locos por el Balon, controlled by Vizcaíno, and in which Pina participates. Doyen demanded payment of the debt to the latter and did so through a loan assignment to Calumbur, a family company of the former director.

The former CEO of Cádiz, which is currently imputed by the National Court in the so-called 'Operation Líbero', therefore claims this figure to Vizcaíno and, in a precautionary manner, the judge has blocked the shareholding package with which is controlled at this time the Cadiz, CF So it is compromising in this way the immediate future of the club.

Pina has been demanding for months the current president to cease operations of decapitalization of the club, which has been referred to as an "authentic looting." In this sense, Pina rejected, as revealed by EL MUNDO, the collection of another debt, in this particular case, contracted with Vizcaíno when considering that the funds with which the president intended to pay it came from the team's coffers.

"I will not lend myself to this game"

Said debt between both, according to has denounced the former manager of Cádiz CF, had planned to pay Vizcaíno out of the coffers of the club. "I will not lend myself to this game of charging the Cádiz," Pina warned the president by bofafax. "You are trying to do something against Cádiz CF, which can be a crime and, of course, I do not agree," he added in his communication, which has not received a response.

According to Pina, the modus operandi through which Vizcaíno intended to be released from the debt with Pina was to pay "fictitious services" to Cádiz through the society that both share, Locos por el Balón, SL to, immediately afterwards, defray the debt with those funds. Moreover, according to the historic representative, Vizcaíno's proposal went so far as to pretend that these fictitious services were entered by concepts inherent to his position, for which an important amount is already in charge of the club. Or what is the same, wanted to invoice twice in his favor some services in a clear attempt to plunder the treasury of the Cadiz CF, explain the actions undertaken by Pina. Among the concepts that were intended to include included some of the type "facilitation of institutional relations" or "facilitation of sponsorships and sponsorship", which were never going to be carried out.

An "empty place" of Seville

On the other hand, Vizcaíno has denounced through a civil lawsuit to Pina for his management while he was adviser to Cádiz, considering that he meddled in his duties as president. That is why he claims five million euros.

The former councilor of the Cádiz entity also warns that Vizcaíno has suddenly moved the address of the company they share, Locos por el Balón, SL, and with which they hold control of Cádiz CF, "to an empty place" in Seville. A strategy that he attributes to his attempt to "prevent him from accessing the accounting documentation" of the society in which he owns half the social capital.

The crisis in the leadership of the Cadiz entity, derived from the expulsion of Pina from the Board of Directors, has led to a deep sports crisis that has led the club to stay out of the 'playoff' promotion to First.

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