El Mago Plomo, the surrealist assistant of the national team of Peru

We are used to seeing real entourages accompanying the soccer teams: assistants of the technical body, audiovisual, doctor, physiotherapists, dieticians, utilleros ...

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We are accustomed to seeing real entourages accompanying the football teams : assistants of the technical staff, audiovisuales, doctor, physiotherapists, dieticians, utilleros ... but the Peruvian team has incorporated a figure more typical of another century: a magician .

Do not get confused, Ernesto Carpio , or the Lead Magician as they know him artistically, is not a sorcerer who prepares magical potions and concoctions that have helped La Blanquirroja reach the Copa América final . He is an artist who, through magic and humor, has connected perfectly with the team, to the point that he is another member of the group since 2015.

Oddly enough, there is always a first step and his friendship with some of the players helped him to that first contact, everything started as usual, with an anecdote and a half of chance. "Since I played football I already knew one of the players, they asked me to act for them and the show was amazing, it was prior to the Copa de Chile in 2015, it went well (third) and since then I always go to the friendlies, eliminatory and the championships ".

It has become a habit that in lunch the day before the game, Lead prepare something for the team. Where others attend lectures or motivational videos, Peru attends magic . Its influence does not remain in that sobremesa, but it is usual to see the players asking him "amulets" to face the party. In the semifinal against Chile it was discovered that Christian Cueva wore an eight of diamonds in his stockings, the image has gone around the world. It is not the only one, there are more of these talismans given by Lead to the players but "you can not unveil the tricks".

It is nothing new that many athletes like to repeat habits or carry objects when they have done well, "I believe that superstition is part of the folklore of football.The letter to Cuevas has this game of giving it to him without anyone seeing us , I always give the same card but each time a different deck ".

Lead realized he had skill with the cards when he cheated people playing poker . He decided that it was better to focus that gift towards something that would awaken smiles, always linked with humor. Now with the Peruvian team he is living a dream: "It's a way of being a soccer player, I always wanted to be a World Cup, but I failed, I went to Russia with my team, I was close, I was protagonist in some way, from behind , but I was in every game. "

Surprising that a technician as demanding and strict as Gareca has agreed to these performances , but coming from the hand of the captains opened the doors wide open: "I entered half endorsed, the guys had been concentrated for a long time and the coach thought that It would be a good distraction, and he was surprised, their faces in that video are incredible . " That's how it all began and four years later no one imagines a call for Peru without its tricks. In addition, he takes care to be very discreet: "I try not to invade, it's weird because I'm inside but I try to respect the spaces of the players, their dinners and their breaks".

Although there are times when it is inevitable that the calm in the concentration is altered, the players are so competitive that they try to discover their tricks in all possible ways: " The one who is most stung is Paolo Guerrero , he is also my friend outside the He always wants to grab the cards, shuffle them and hide them, he has not yet tricked me but he always tries, he does not want to be tricked, sometimes he asks me to teach him some tricks ".

Lead has always trusted this team, even after conceding five goals against Brazil, "the difference between these two teams is not five goals, I took my ticket until day nine because I knew that Peru was going to stay until the final" . Now again the same team before them and another way to deal with it, because magic allows you to pass quickly: "The roll is to throw good energy and good vibes, life is like that, when there is good vibes things flow, I think it is what they feel with me. "

The magic as an element of union of groups , an application that today is a pioneer with this Peruvian team, but if Sunday ends with 'Maracanazo', we may be assisting a new professional within the football teams, "the entertainer", as Lead Magician himself likes to define himself.

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