Valverde: "I want a rematch"

Ernesto Valverde does not usually change the gesture. Win or lose. Be your team about to win a triplet or be on the verge of absolute decomposition. He is a man who desdr

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Ernesto Valverde does not usually change the gesture. Win or lose. Be your team about to win a triplet or be on the verge of absolute decomposition. He is a man who dramatizes everything that happens around him. He disregards criticism, almost always fierce. But also of the demands of that wardrobe that does not tire of protecting its position. So Valverde, after losing that Cup final against Valencia that would have served to make up - in that way - the collapse of Anfield, continued with his particular path.

"I'm fine. What we want the coaches is to have a rematch. When you lose you are touched. But what we want is to get up the next day ». A statement in which the technician seemed to show his intention to continue in office. To then return to remove iron to the subject. "I know losing in this club is hard for the coach. We are always wrong in something. You do not know in what. But something. By putting the field backwards maybe. But we have a responsibility and we have to assume it ».

Valverde dodged any fire. And that his appearance in the press room of Benito Villamarín began in the worst way. In the first question they questioned him directly if his credit as coach of Barcelona had already been exhausted. "I have nothing to say, but thanks for the condolences." And he continued to try to explain, once again, what has long ceased to have an explanation.

"Of course, this Cup final is different from Anfield 15 days ago. But we have lost again. It's reality. A month ago we celebrated the League, a few weeks ago we thought about achieving a triplet, and in the end we stayed on the road. We generate a lot of expectation. But we are here to win titles, not for anything else ».

A suspect

Josep Maria Bartomeu , who this week had already gone to the microphones twice to promise the continuity of Valverde, this time resorted to the contractual relationship that unites the coach with Barcelona. Renewed last February. «Ernesto has a contract, he is the coach. This defeat is not his fault ». In the directive, in any case, for some time they have as main suspect Pep Segura , sports manager of the entity. It's up to looking for culprits in such outlandish situations as Barcelona having just played the last title of the season with Arturo Vidal and Piqué as strikers.

In any case, it's time to program smoke screens. Whether advancing the presentation of Frenkie de Jong as a new Barça footballer. Whether accelerating the hiring of De Ligt , despite the latest acceleration of Manchester United to take their services. "Comes De Jong, will work in new highs, and also in the casualties," said Bartomeu, to try after assessing such a contradictory course: "It is not a season of failure, but neither remarkable or excellent. The League has been won and in the end we lost two matches, one here in Seville and the other in the Champions League ».

Piqué , who could barely take the floor on the eve of the final in which Messi implored for the continuity of Valverde, returned to join the clamor of a club reluctant to changes and revolutions: "Valverde is the coach who has led us to win two Leagues and one Cup. You can continue to help us win titles. "

It is time for Bartomeu, two years after the end of his term, to decide who to pay attention to now that the team has gone into a tailspin. Maybe without remedy.

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