The warriors of Dani Parejo

«I've been in Valencia for eight years. It has not been a path of roses, but I am 24 hours away from playing a final with an incredible team. It would be a dream to lift the Cup ». Dani Parejo no p

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«I've been in Valencia for eight years. It has not been a path of roses, but I am 24 hours away from playing a final with an incredible team. It would be a dream to lift the Cup ». Dani Parejo could not be more sincere, as were his tears when he had to leave the field in the 64th minute because his physique could no longer. But it did not matter, the work was on track. "It's a magical moment for a team and a hobby that deserves everything," he babbled excited after the final whistle that closed a bumpy course in which he has served as leader and hero.

He has been the man who has done least Marcelino , dosing it with substitutions, but always in the starting lineup. 56 of the 61 games this season. It is his captain, his indispensable, the reference of a whole valencianism that has gone from criticizing him to paying homage. That's why I cried. Nothing else mattered that pick up that Cup from Philip VI hands. Cojo, stayed on the bench encouraging a hobby that shuddered to see his number on the change board.

Parejo has experienced its transition in parallel to Valencia, from mediocrity to glory. He declared himself in absentia at the 2016 preseason rally trying to force his way out of Sevilla and asked for forgiveness a thousand times, for that and for other distractions that marked him too long. His talent was questioned.

Just the technician who has put in the pillory gave him life. Ernesto Valverde delayed his position five meters, turned him into a pure midfielder and taught him to position himself. "Placement and vigilance is everything," he has come to confess. With him, Parejo learned to use his vision of the game, not only in attack, but also in defensive tasks, to steal the ball from the opponent.

Five kilos less

But until Marcelino arrived he did not explode and he felt comfortable to impose his law. For the Asturian has always been the player who has marked the way to the rest. He was clear from the first minute. So much so that he spoke with the player's wife to ensure that he would have stability and put him on a diet . Five kilos less made it faster and more agile, protecting him from injuries. Each recommendation of Marcelino has caused an enhancing effect of the game of Parejo: he knows what he has to do in each moment of each match. This Saturday, dry Busquets and multiply to weave a mesh around Messi. Like an octopus, its tentacles dominated the center of the field.

Parejo is today valencianista, without a doubt. "The only difference with Gayà or Soler is that I was not born here," he jokes always. In the Villamarín left him alone to pick up a Cup on which she shed many tears, all that was saved for years. «This Valencia deserves many joys as you are. We have made history, "he said in a choked voice. He put on the bracelet of the senyera , the shirt and looked for little Dani, his footballing son who has ended up suffering for Valencia.

But on this road Parejo has had good lieutenants. Gayà fell to the grass rendered. On his birthday, the gift was a cup with which he dreamed when he was 100 kilometers away with his father, from Pedreguer to Valencia, to train. His season was splendid and from his career Gameiro's goal was born.

But who could almost not celebrate was Jaume Domenech . He put his hands to his face and tried to hide behind the net until his brother Santi Mina looked for him and they merged in an infinite hug to which Marcelino joined. The technician has given value to the two young people. The goals of the Galician held the team in the first rounds, the hands of the goalkeeper took in the final important balls.

The title was soon replaced with a goal by Gameiro and the score was increased by Rodrigo with the first goal he dedicates to his daughter, who will be born in September. Just the same score as that February night against Betis when a comeback at Villamarín left Valencia at the gates of the final they won.

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